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Bài mẫu 1

    There are only a few months left until I will finish my university studies. So I will have to say goodbye to the school that I have been with for 5 years. I remember the day I first entered school, when I was just a naive 18-year-old. I suddenly step by step on the large schoolyard. My mind was filled with thoughts, joyful, eager and anxious. This is the school I dreamed of studying. I put in a lot of effort to get in here. My first impression of the school is that it is spacious and beautiful. I take a tour to tour the school. The trees, large lecture halls can accommodate hundreds of students, laboratories, libraries, … all attract me. Four years, I go to this school every day. When I thought about leaving it today, I really couldn’t help it. But I know this will happen eventually. Thank you here for growing up with me.

Bài mẫu 2

     Whether students should choose to study at university or not has raised different opinions from many people. Some people say that university education is not necessary. However, it is true that studying at university has a lot of benefits.

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     First, universities provide academic knowledge for students in various majors. Some jobs may not require a university degree, but in some typical majors, it is very important. For example, a student cannot become a lawyer without university training, or a doctor career needs 6 years studying at a medical university. Therefore, except for vocational training, most of the jobs these days still appreciate a university degree.

    Second, university can help us to get used to our society before graduation. It is often said that university is a mini society, as it runs as a society in reality. Everything around us in a university helps us experience our future in a company, a firm.etc: our friends, the environment, our teachers or even the competition among students. Therefore, it is not true to say that universities only provide academic knowledge. We can also face problems of future life in university.

    In conclusion, university gives us a lot of benefits to prepare for future life. If we can take advantage of those benefits, we will see that university education is really necessary.

Bài mẫu 3

   Someone once told me, “Student time is a hard time but also a beautiful time that everyone wants to go through.” Indeed! I am a third year student. I think 3 years of college gives me enough experience to share about my time living in university. I was arranged to stay in the female dormitory. Here we stay 6 people per room. Because the area is quite small, I cannot cook in the room. Most of the time, we will eat in the dorm cafeteria. To have money to pay for school and personal expenses, I and my classmates together look for part-time jobs. Since I didn’t have any knowledge and experience at first, I mostly do manual work like a waitress. Now that I have a bit of specialized knowledge I apply for a part-time job at an education company. Besides working part-time, I tried once with my friends to drink alcohol, dyeing my hair color really well. I think I am young so I will experience it. However, I am not overly playful and I am not involved in drugs because I know it will harm my life. Student life was hard work, but in return I was able to do the things I liked and have good friends.

Bài mẫu 4

    As a university student, every day I have to go to lecture halls. Studying in college is not too hard. Most of our time is spent on self-study. One day, after waking up, I ate some bread and then went to my school. My lessons start in the afternoon. So in the mornings I usually go to the library to read and do my homework. The library of my school is quite large. Lots of students come here every day. When I have finished my assignments I will go to the school canteen to buy some food for lunch. I often make appointments with my friends to go with them. My favorite dish is rice ribs. I can eat it every day. After lunch we will go for a walk together and listen to music. Sometimes we will tell each other interesting stories. I will arrive at the lecture hall 5 minutes early to choose my seats and prepare for the lesson that day. After the class is over, I will return to the dorm with my friends. My school day was quite peaceful.

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