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Ngày đăng: 12/07/2014, 15:20

TOEIC 11 1. Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has ____ in the detention center at The Hague tribunal. a. die b. dying c. died d. dies 2. The tribunal said he had been found dead in his cell on Saturday morning. The cause of death is not ____ clear. a. yet b. ever c. already d. recently 3. Mr. Milosevic, 64, has been on trial at the UN war crimes tribunal for genocide and ____ war crimes since 2001. a. another b. others c. each other d. other 4. The tribunal last month rejected a request by Mr. Milosevic to go to Russia for medical ____. a. treatable b. treatment c. treat d. treating 5. The tribunal has ordered ____ into the death. a. a research b. a study c. an analysis d. an inquiry 6. Mr. Milosevic faced charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for ____ alleged central role in the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo during the 1990s. a. him b. his c. them d. their 7. European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he hoped the death would help Serbia finally ____ to terms with its past and allow it to look to the future. a. to come b. coming c. came d. to coming 8. Mr. Milosevic’s brother Borislav was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that the international war crimes court was “entirely responsible” ____ his death. a. in b. with c. for d. to 9. Former torture victim Michelle Bachelet is due ____ inaugurated as Chile’s first female president. a. be b. to be c. being d. to being 10. Among those scheduled to ____ the ceremony in the city of Valparaiso are the US secretary of state and the presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela. a. attend b. perform c. participate d. hold 11. The 54-year-old claimed a convincing poll win in January, at the helm of the centre- left coalition which ____ Chile for the past 16 years. a. governed b. is governing c. will govern d. has governed 12. Ms. Bachelet, who was jailed and tortured by Chile’s former military junta, has promised ____ a more equitable and tolerant society. a. building b. to build c. built d. build 13. She has said she is keen to bridge the ____ between rich and poor and to give a greater voice to women and indigenous people. a. opening b. opportunity c. gap d. conflict 1 14. She has also said that she will not bring radical change to the country, which has become one of the region’s strongest ____. a. economies b. economists c. economy d. economical 15. An expert ____ found traces of drugs in Slobodan Milosevic’s blood before his death says they may have neutralized treatment for his heart conditions. a. which b. whose c. what d. who 16. Full test results are awaited, but the comments by toxicologist Donald Uges raise questions over what ____ the heart attack that killed Mr. Milosevic. a. caused b. led c. resulted d. contracted 17. The ex-Yugoslav leader, on trial at The Hague war crimes tribunal, had alleged that he ____. a. has been poisoned b. was poisoning c. was being poisoned d. has been poisoning 18. The tribunal says that Mr. Milosevic received competent medical ____. a. supervise b. supervision c. supervisor d. supervising 19. Russia, home to Mr. Milosevic’s widow and son, says it does not ____ the autopsy report and wants its doctors to examine the body. a. trust b. true c. truth d. truly 20. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he had been disturbed by the UN tribunal’s decision to ____ Mr. Milosevic’s request to undergo treatment in Russia. a. turn down b. turn up c. bring up d. bring down 21. Serbian President Boris Tadic told the Associated Press news agency that Mr Milosevic ____ a “higher level of health care”. a. may have been granted b. must have been granted c. could have been granted d. should have been granted 22. Mr. Milosevic’s lawyer said he had asked Serbian authorities to allow the body ____ to Belgrade for a funeral. Serbia has yet to respond. a. return b. returning c. to be returned d. returned 23. Mr. Uges said that he tested Mr. Milosevic’s blood two weeks ago at the tribunal’s request ____ his blood pressure was not falling. a. because of b. because c. due to d. in addition to 24. Mr. Uges said that rifampicin, a powerful antibiotic used to treat leprosy or tuberculosis, ____. a. found b. finds c. was found d. were found 25. He said that Rifampicin would neutralize the ____ of heart drugs. a. affections b. affects c. effective d. effects 26. Mr. Uges believed that Mr. Milosevic took the drugs ____ to try to prove his medical care in The Netherlands was inadequate and secure a “one-way ticket to Moscow”. a. himself b. him c. his d. he 27. The presence of rifampicin or other drugs has not ___ been confirmed by the post- mortem toxicological tests. a. still b. yet c. already d. ever 2 28. ____ Monday, the Russian foreign ministry said it had received a handwritten letter from Mr. Milosevic days before his death complaining of “inadequate treatment by doctors” at The Hague. a. Since b. In c. At d. On 29. Sources close to the tribunal ____ that Mr. Milosevic may have deliberately mixed or missed the dosages for his bad heart and high blood pressure. a. suggestion b. suggesting c. suggest d. suggestive 30. The former leader’s son, Marko, ____ a visa by the Dutch embassy in Moscow to travel to the Netherlands to collect his father’s remains. a. has been granted b. has granted c. grants d. has been granting 31. His mother, Mirjana – known as Mira – Markovic, earlier told Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti that she had not decided ____ the location for the burial. a. with b. about c. on d. in 32. Mr. Milosevic’s daughter Marija had said that he should be ____ in Lijeva Reka – the family’s ancestral home in Montenegro. a. burial b. burying c. bury d. buried 33. Authorities in Serbia and Montenegro fear that a burial there could spark an____ show of support from the former president’s hardcore supporters. a. embarrass b. embarrassing c. embarrassment d. embarrassed 34. Mr. Milosevic’s Socialist Party said that it ____ to bring down Serbia’s minority coalition government if there were no funeral there. a. will try b. would try c. would have tried d. had tried 35. Mr. Milosevic was charged ____ war crimes and crimes against humanity for his alleged central role in the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo during the 1990s. a. with b. for c. on d. of 36. Over the past few months, many of Lebanon’s small poultry farmers ____ to close down. a. are forced b. were forced c. have been forced d. has been forced 37. Demand for chicken and eggs has slumped and prices have more than halved ____ no cases of bird flu have been reported in the country. a. despite b. because c. even though d. however 38. Small farmers have been particularly hard hit, often stopping production with ____ guarantee they’ll find the money to start up again. a. none b. not c. neither d. no 39. China is looking to ease back on the ____ growth throttle over the next five years, following half a decade in which the country’s economy has surged ahead at almost 10 percent a year. a. economy b. economic c. economical d. economically 40. That red-hot pace has lifted China to a position as the world’s ____ in 2006, behind the United States, Japan and Germany, and ahead of the United Kingdom and France. a. fourth largest economy b. the fourth largest economy c. the largest fourth economy d. largest economy fourth 3 41. The Beijing leadership strives to improve China’s economic efficiency and soothe some of the social strains that are emerging among its 1.3 billion people, about ____ live below the international poverty line. a. 150 million of which b. 150 million of that c. 150 million of whose d. 150 million of whom 42. On Tuesday, the government set out its 11th five-year plan covering 2006-2010, in which it forecasts a 7.5 percent growth average on the ____ of reduced energy consumption and pollution discharge. a. basic b. basically c. based d. basis 43. Xinhua said China’s parliament endorsed the economic and social ____ plan with support from 97 percent of the 2,891 deputies attending Tuesday’s NPC session. a. develop b. developed c. development d. develops 44. The release of the much awaited PlayStation 3 games console has been ____ until November. a. published b. postponed c. declared d. invented 45. Sony said that technical problems related ____ the console’s Blu-ray disc drive had forced the delay. a. for b. with c. on d. to 46. The news was ____ at a news conference, after reports of a delay appeared in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan’s main financial daily newspaper. a. announced b. heard c. watched d. campaigned 47. The PlayStation 3 games console will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which went on ____ late last year in the US, and Nintendo’s Revolution, which is due later this year. a. sell b. sold c. sale d. sail 48. So far Sony _____ the market for home consoles, with its original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 having sold more than 200 million units. a. is dominating b. was dominating c. will dominate d. has dominated 49. The delay means Sony’s machine will not be in the shops in the US and Japan until a year after the Xbox 360, giving Microsoft a valuable lead in building up its market ____. a. portion b. value c. share d. economy 50. A problem with the launch of the console could be a major ____ for the company which is struggling to revive the performance of its consumer electronics division. a. advantage b. setback c. success d. part 51. In an effort to revive its fortunes, the firm has undergone a major restructuring drive ____10,000 job cuts and 11 factory closures. a. involving b. involve c. involved d. involves 52. Sony’s performance in the 25-billion- dollar games industry is set to be one of the key ____ determining the success of the firm’s turnaround this year. a. factors b. roles c. figures d. issues 4 53. Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced the ____ of a new deep-water oil field, which is believed to contain 10 billion barrels of crude. a. discover b. discovering c. discoverer d. discovery 54. The field is in the Gulf of Mexico, ____ Mexico says it could be bigger than its largest oil field, Cantarell. a. in addition to b. moreover c. and d. yet 55. Mr. Fox ____ the announcement as figures showed that the country’s total oil reserves had fallen 2% between 2003 and 2005. a. followed b. offered c. made d. did 56. Perforation of the well known as Noxal 1, which is ____ about 100km from the port of Coatzacoalcos on the coast of Veracruz state, started in December. a. locating b. located c. location d. locate 57. The government says its investment in exploration will enable Mexico ____ its current output in the future. a. to maintain b. maintaining c. maintain d. will maintain 58. With at least 3.4m barrels per day, Mexico is Latin America’s ____ ahead of Venezuela and Brazil. a. the largest crude producer b. larger crude producer c. larger crude producer than d. largest crude producer 59. The oil industry provides one third of the Mexican state ____. a. expenditure b. income c. fee d. fare 60. More than half the crude extracted is ____, mainly to the United States. a. exported b. imported c. deported d. assembled 61. Mexico is not a ____ of oil producers’ cartel OPEC. a. members b. membership c. member d. memberships 62. Kia Motors Corp., South Korea’s second- largest automaker, has announced it will ____ its first U.S. plant in the southern state of Georgia. a. get up b. build up c. set up d. give up 63. Production will begin in 2009, and the US $1.2 billion factory will ____ 2,500 workers. a. devote b. dismiss c. declare d. employ 64. The facility in West Point, Georgia, ____ the Alabama border, is expected to produce 300,000 vehicles per year at maximum capacity. a. next b. near c. close d. nearly 65. The Korean carmaker also said that five to six auto suppliers are expected to set up nearby, resulting in the ____ of an additional 2,000 jobs. a. invention b. discovery c. equipment d. creation 66. Kia, which last year exported three- fourths of its South Korean production, is pursuing an aggressive overseas ____. a. expansion b. expand c. expanding d. expansive 67. ____ moving into the United States, it’s building a second plant in China at the end of the year-end. a. Perhaps b. In addition c. Besides d. Because 5 68. Kia expects its sales in the United States and Canada ____15 percent to 350,000 vehicles in 2006, and grow further to 800,000 by 2010. a. to increase b. increase c. increasing d. increases 69. In January Kia said its 2005 net ____ rose 2.9 percent to 680.9 billion won as revenue gained 4.6 percent to 16 trillion won. a. money b. profit c. currency d. marketing 70. Kia said it has invested more than US$300 million ____ the United States over the last four years. a. on b. at c. into d. in 71. Facilities include a research and ____ center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and vehicle proving grounds in Mojave, California. a. develop b. development c. developed d. developing 72. Under ____ to stamp out rampant product piracy, China jailed 2,693 people last year for illegally copying copyrighted or trademarked material. a. pressure b. competition c. encouragement d. tension 73. Beijing is under pressure from the United States and other trading partners to ____ tougher penalties for illegally copied movies, music and other goods. a. abolish b. suffer c. impose d. miss 74. U.S. and Chinese authorities are stepping up cooperation in ____such crimes. a. combating b. committing c. organizing d. involving 75. In one prominent case, a Shanghai court ____ two U.S. citizens to up to 2 1/2 years in prison in April, along with two Chinese co-defendants, for running a counterfeit DVD ring. a. allowed b. granted c. accused d. sentenced 76. One of the Americans, Randolph Hobson Guthrie III, was deported to the United States, ____ he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods at a Jan. 3 hearing in Jackson, Mississippi. a. that b. which c. in what d. where 77. A decision on whether the EU will impose ____ on shoe imports from China and Vietnam is due on Thursday. a. burdens b. duties c. standards d. views 78. Brussels is worried that a surge in shoe imports from China and Vietnam could force domestic footwear manufacturers out of ____. a. work b. action c. control d. business 79. Last month, Mr. Mandelson said that ____ “compelling evidence” of leather shoe imports being sold below cost, breaking global trade rules on legitimate pricing. a. there were b. it was c. there was d. they were 80. He proposed initial duties of 4% starting on 6 April, rising to 19.4% and 16.8% ____ for Chinese and Vietnamese products. a. respectively b. relatively c. similarly d. respectfully 6 81. The ____ sanctions must be approved by a majority of the EU’s 25 member states. a. proposing b. propose c. proposed d. proposal 82. EU members have ____ on how to counteract the threat of cheap clothing imports from China and other Asian markets. a. differ b. different c. difference d. differed 83. Chinese officials say that there is ____ evidence of dumping and question whether the duties would conform to World Trade Organization rules. a. not b. no c. none d. nothing 84. As Mexican President Vicente Fox prepares to open the 4th World Water Forum, the BBC’s Claire Marshall looks at the severe water problems ____ Mexico City. a. experiencing b. tackling c. facing d. overcoming 85. Population growth, the over-exploitation of subterranean aquifers, and a ____ to recycle limited water supplies have turned a once-fertile region into a barren desert. a. failure b. failed c. fail d. failures 86. Cheng Chui Ping ran a multi-million dollar scheme which transported ____ to the US in packed cargo ships. a. hundreds of illegal immigrants b. hundred of illegal immigrants c. a hundred of illegal immigrants d. a hundreds of illegal immigrants 87. During one operation in 1993, a ship ____immigrants ran aground off the US coast and 10 people drowned. a. carry b. carrying c. carried d. carries 88. The 57-year-old woman was convicted of charges including conspiracy to commit people smuggling ____ money laundering. a. but b. yet c. however d. and 89. Cheng, also ____ as Sister Ping, pleaded for more than an hour for a lenient sentence. a. know b. knew c. known d. knows 90. US district judge Michael Mukasey described her speech as “____ incredible” and sentenced her to the maximum penalty allowed by law. a. simple b. simply c. simplified d. simplicity 91. He said she had exploited illegal aliens who were desperate for a better life – transporting them in inhumane conditions and ____ violent gangsters to collect debts and ransoms. a. use b. to use c. used d. using 92. Prosecutors described Cheng as one of the biggest “snakeheads”, ____ human traffickers, of all time. a. or b. however c. but d. for 93. She was found guilty of financing the ____of about 300 Chinese immigrants in June 1993 on board the freighter, the Golden Venture. a. movement b. export c. implementation d. shipment 94. Prosecutors said Cheng also financed a 1998 trip in which a ship capsized off the coast of Guatemala, ____14 people. a. killed b. kill c. killing d. to kill 7 95. Cheng’s attorney said ____ conviction was a mistake and her role in the Golden Venture was lending money to the people who did the actual smuggling. a. his b. her c. their d. its 96. Cheng, who was arrested in Hong Kong in 2000 following six years as a fugitive, is ____ her conviction. a. welcoming b. carrying c. appealing d. accusing 97. A wildlife expedition in Malaysia has found evidence that ____ hope for the endangered Sumatran rhino. a. there may be b. they may be c. it may be d. these may be 98. A search of the Heart of Borneo last May found the tracks of at least 13 animals in a confined area ____ no rhino was actually seen. a. however b. yet c. though d. despite 99. The Sumatran rhino, the smallest of the world’s rhino species, ____ by extinction. a. is threatening b. has been threatening c. will threaten d. is threatened 100. On the Malay peninsula, only a handful survive, as many have fallen prey to poachers or have died in ____ maintained captive breeding centers. a. poor b. poverty c. poorer d. poorly 101. Previous estimates had put the total number of Sumatran rhinos in Sabah ____ between 30 and 70. a. in b. on c. at d. with 102. Many rhinos are thought to be scattered over ____ distances. a. width b. wide c. widely d. widen 103. This latest discovery has excited scientists ____ there are so many animals in one small area, meaning they stand a better chance of breeding. a. because of b. in spite of c. because d. for 104. The WWF and the state authorities have now launched rhino protection patrols in the area _____ the creatures were found. a. which b. that c. whose d. where 105. Their horns ____ to be worth kilogram for kilogram almost as much as gold, and are prized for their use in traditional Asian medicine. a. say b. are saying c. are said d. are to say 106. A top scientist has defended Britain’s system of clinical testing after six men fell seriously ill ____ a London trial of an anti- inflammatory drug. a. when b. while c. as d. during 107. The six men have been in intensive care ____they fell ill on Monday. Two of them remain in a critical condition. a. since b. for c. when d. during 108. Doctors at Northwick Park Hospital in north-west London said the men had been given several blood transfusions to try ____ their bodies of toxins. a. rid b. to rid c. to ridding d. ridded 8 109. Four were said to be showing signs of improvement, but doctors said it was ____ early days. a. yet b. already c. ever d. still 110. The men suffered multiple organ failure ____ hours of taking the drug TGN1412 during a trial at a research unit based at the hospital. a. within b. at c. on d. for 111. It was the first time that the drug, ____ to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia and multiple sclerosis, had been tested on humans. a. design b. designing c. designed d. designs 112. He said he was concerned about ____ resistance to animal testing in Britain and the effect this might be having on drugs trials. a. growth b. grown c. grow d. growing 113. American company Parexel, which ran the trial, said that it ____ recommended guidelines. a. will follow b. had followed c. has followed d. following 114. TeGenero, which manufactures the anti-inflammatory drug, apologized to the sick men’s families, and said the medicine had showed no ____ of problems in earlier tests. a. symptoms b. proofs c. tracks d. signs 115. Thomas Hanke said TGN1412 had been tested ____ in laboratories and on rabbits and monkeys for safety with no adverse effects and no drug-related deaths. a. extensively b. extensive c. extension d. extended 116. The MHRA is investigating whether the reaction suffered by the men was caused by a manufacturing problem, ____ , or a dosing error. a. contaminating b. contaminated c. contamination d. contaminate 117. Judgment is set to be given in Prince Charles’ High Court attempt to stop a newspaper publishing ____ extracts from his private journals. a. far b. farther c. further d. furthering 118. The number of HIV-positive drug users who inject ____ its highest level for more than a decade. a. are reaching b. have reached c. reach d. has reached 119. The Health Protection Agency said the rise was ____ due to an increase in the numbers injecting crack cocaine. a. part b. partly c. partial d. partially 120. The level of HIV infection among injecting drug users remained ____ in London but saw a six-fold increase in areas outside the English capital from one in 500 (or 0.2%) in 2002 to one in 83 (1.2%) in 2005. a. stable b. stabilize c. stably d. stability 9 TOEIC 11 1. C 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. D 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. B 10. A 11. D 12. B 13. C 14. A 15. D 16. A 17. C 18. B 19. A 20. A 21. D 22. C 23. B 24. C 25. D 26. A 27. B 28. D 29. C 30. A 31. C 32. D 33. B 34. B 35. A 36. C 37. C 38. D 39. B 40. A 41. D 42. D 43. C 44. B 45. D 46. A 47. C 48. D 49. C 50. B 51. A 52. A 53. D 54. C 55. C 56. B 57. A 58. D 59. B 60. A 61. C 62. C 63. D 64. B 65. D 66. A 67. C 68. A 69. B 70. D 71. B 72. A 73. C 74. A 75. D 76. D 77. B 78. D 79. C 80. A 81. C 82. D 83. B 84. C 85. A 86. A 87. B 88. D 89. C 90. B 91. D 92. A 93. D 94. C 95. B 96. C 97. A 98. C 99. A 100. D 101. C 102. B 103. C 104. D 105. C 106. D 107. A 108. B 109. D 110. A 111. C 112. D 113. B 114. D 115. A 116. C 117. C 118. D 119. B 120. A 10 […].. .11 . C 102. B 103. C 104. D 105. C 106. D 107. A 108. B 109. D 110 . A 111 . C 112 . D 113 . B 114 . D 115 . A 116 . C 117 . C 118 . D 119 . B 120. A 10 11 . and multiple sclerosis, had been tested on humans. a. design b. designing c. designed d. designs 112 . He said he was concerned about ____ resistance to animal testing in Britain and the effect. the medicine had showed no ____ of problems in earlier tests. a. symptoms b. proofs c. tracks d. signs 115 . Thomas Hanke said TGN1412 had been tested ____ in laboratories and on rabbits and monkeys

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