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[…]… sh 2 smal t 6) Reviewl-2 ,/ 3 September 4 Internet 5 brother 6 Forest 6 Openanswers go for further examtasksand practice, to Workbook S![ page20 ProceduraI notes, transcripts keysfor the and at Teacher’s Website Workbook be foundon the So/utions can www.oup.com/ett/teacher /solutions TH fs ul ttr ti l cLuD E s a@ o V ocabul ary j obs and genderr pl aces w orke acti vi ti es w ork desc ri bi ng of at… 2 minutes o With booksclosed,elicitthe worddate,by asking: Whot is the wordwe useto talkoboutan orrongement meet to a new boyfriendor girlfriend or somebodythat you’d Iike your boyfriend/girlfriend? to become Thenask students whatcouldgo wrongon a firstdate.Givethem to imagine different scenarios, at a caf6,in a park,in a restaurant, e.g at the oerson’ house s Askstudents ooentheirbooksand describe… cameras maybe put (classrooms, material who will haveaccess the screens recorded and to (teachers, parents, police?) the prepare Divide classintofourgroups Twogroups the for fromthe pointof arguments or against cameras the workon arguments for viewof students othergroups Two Encourage or against fromthe pointofviewofteachers unit1 on camera ,/ Tail . teachers Photocopiable resource bank’ 776 720 723 Three class audio CDs The three audio CDs contain all the listening material from : r Student’s Book. The Workbook The Workbook. i tasks from the Workbook, which can be played on a CD pia’e’ The Teacher’s Book The Teacher’s Book gives full procedural notes for the Stude Book, inctuding ideas. – WANT. Website The Solutions website with proceduraI notes and keys for the Workbook is at www.oup.com/ett/teacher /solutions A note from the authors Our work on Solutions began in

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