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Nha Trang University General Sciences Faculty Major English Department INTERNSHIP REPORT Name: Lê Thị Thanh Thùy Class: 47 TAPD Code: 47137071 At: Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station Internship Period: Feb 9 th 2009 to Mar 7 th 2009 Nha Trang, March, 2009 1 PREFACE An internship is a pre_professional work that provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in a particular area field. It also supplements academic classes and, in some areas, earns college credits. As students, we need to use the things we have learned in school and put it in practice. This is also a good chance for us to get to know our future jobs and to try our strengths. It was my good luck to take my internship at Satellite Crew, Program Production Centre, Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station, a prestigious place that gave me many advantages. The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period. The report focuses primarily on the working environment, my job and benefits that I get. I also enclosed with my translated materials that I had done. 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want express my great attitude to Ms. Hong and Ms. Vinh who helped me to contact to Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station. Their guidance has contributed to my success in the internship. I wish to thank those at Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station, especially the Program Production Centre where I had taken my internship. I also wish to thank those working at Satellite Crew, Program Production Centre for their assists, hospitality, and friendliness. In particular, I wish to give my special thanks to Ms. Huong, Ms. Lan and Ms. Hanh for their instructions and counsels on my translated texts. Last, I wish to thank Hao, Tra, Uyen. They are my fellows who were always beside me, gave me many good advises and encouragements during that time so that I could overcome all the obstacles and finished my internship. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station……………………………5 1. General information 2. Structure 3. Activities 4. Achievements Chapter 2: Program Production Centre………………………………………… 7 1. Structure 2. Strengths and Challenge Chapter 3: My job description……………………………………………………9 1. International News 2. Nature and Science Chapter 4: Internship Summary………………………………………………….11 1. Good practice 2. Short comings 3. Future orientation Chapter 5: Evaluations……………………………………………………………13 1. Self-evaluation 2. Supervisor’s evaluation APPENDIX 4 Chapter 1: KHANH HOA RADIO AND TELEVISION STATION 1. General information: Address: 70 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province Proprietor: The People Committee of Khanh Hoa Province Established: January 1 st , 1995 Director: Ho Hong Son Deputy Director: Nguyen Huu Sau 2. Structure: Including 2 blocs: a. Administrative Bloc: -Director Board -Official Organizing Chamber -Financial Plan Office b. Content Bloc: -Literature and Arts Office -Current Events Office -Program Production Centre -Editorial Secretary Office -Technique Office -Advertisement and Service Office 3. Activities: -Making programs and broadcast them on TV and radio in Khanh Hoa province. -Organizing art and cultural activities for local people in the community. 5 -Organizing some of the national and international programs. 4. Achievements: Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station has maintained and increased the broadcasting time of local programs. Recently, it continues improving programs’ quality, form and content. Besides, they pay attention to modernize equipments that contributes to enhance the rate of working progress. Many of its programs have reflected most of controlversially hot issues in our society. At the same time, they do not forget to propagandize the government’s policies as well as the good way of living for the local residents. They also take care of the local people’s life by doing many charitable programs to help the poor to have a better life. In the year of 2003, Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station was recognized as the leading one among the Radio and Television Stations in Coastal Middle of Viet Nam. It was the host of 2001’s and 2008’s National Television Festivals which were considered two of the most successful ones. The 2009 International Television Film Fair was organized here. It attracted public cares and many experts in this field. This was a chance for contact and cooperation between Television Stations and units specializing in film supply. 6 Chapter 2: PROGRAM PRODUCTION CENTRE Director: Vo Quoc Thanh Deputy Director: Tran Chan Uy Deputy Director: Nguyen Chi Hoai 1. Structure: 5 crews: 1.1. Editorial Crew: Its commander is Mr. Tran Chan Uy. This crew undertakes news report and other programs. Their jobs are to edit, rectify and censor programs done by other departments. 1.2. Displaying Crew: Nguyen Minh Duc is the commander. People who work here often go outside to film. 1.3. Technique Crew: The commander is Nguyen Hai Dang. 1.4. Accounting Crew: Its commander is Dang Thi My Hong. 1.5. Satellite Crew: It is commanded by Thi Thi Ngoc Phuong. I had taken my internship here. Being a section of Program Production Centre, its duty is to exploit programs including: 7 International News, Animal Planet, National Geographic, sports, cartoons, circus, Nature and Science. They exploit these programs from International Satellite. People who work here are all female translators. They record programs on Satellite then watch and translate them from English, French, Chinese, and Russian into Vietnamese. Each translator has their own working desk with a television, a video player and a head phones. Some translators who do the International News have computers connected with the Internet. In this section, it is normal to ask the other more experienced colleagues for help. They often help each other to finish their works. This shows their solidarity in working. 2. Strengths and challenge: 2.1 Strengths: It has a personnel staff with capacity, experience, enthusiasm and passion in their jobs. They are all hard working and many of them even go to work on their days of rest. People working here often take some training courses so that they can update the knowledge in their fields that ensures effectiveness in working. The station always makes favorable conditions and provides sufficient modern equipments for workers in the section. 2.2 Challenge: The number of programs that they can exploit from the international satellite is limited because of program copyrights. The expense of buying these programs is so high and they cannot afford. It will be more difficult for them in the future when the number of programs having copyrights is increasing. 8 Chapter 3: MY JOB DESCRIPTION When I took the internship there, I did two kinds of programs: 1. International News: a. How an International News program is made : Each program includes from nine to ten pieces of news. International News programs are broadcasted two times a day. One is at 10.50 am and another is at 8 pm. The translators must go to the office early in the morning then watch and record news on ABC, BBC or CNN channels. Next, they will choose the typical news among a day and translate them into Vietnamese. After that, the translators will type then print the news out. The translated news will go to the Editorial Crew. People working in this crew will edit the news. Then Mr. Tran Chan Uy, the Deputy Director of the Program Production Centre and the commander of this crew, signs his name on the translated text. Mr. Ho Hong Son also gives his signature on it. Last, the translated text and the recorded video will go to the Technique Crew. The program is completed here before it is broadcasted on TV. b. My work : I had worked as a translator though the news video is already recorded. I had done four pieces of news: three from BBC channel and one from ABC channel. 9 The news in the video were rather long, I didn’t have to translate all the information but just the important ones so that viewers could catch the main things that we want to convey through the news. ٭My problem: The speakers often delivered the news very fast; I sometimes even didn’t understand what they said. At that time, I needed to watch it again and again. Because they spoke so fast so I was not sure that the information that I got was true or not. I had used the Internet to solve this kind of problem. I can check the accuracy of the information I heard by searching on the Internet. 2. Nature and Science: I had done a program named “Wolf attacks” on Nature and Science. Doing this program took most of my time. Every day, I went to the office, put on my headphones, listened and wrote down every word that I heard until I got all. Then I translated it. When doing this kind of program, the translators’ duties are just like when they do the International News. The biggest difference here is that they have to listen and translate exactly every word, every sentence being said in the video. It is very difficult and it is also my problem. I had to listen sentence by sentence and listened for many times. There were several new words that I didn’t know. So I listened to them very carefully then I looked up in the dictionary to find out the new words. However, there were still some words that even I had listened for many times and I had looked up in the dictionary, I 10 […]… supervisor’s help She will listen and help me find these words She was more experienced and was familiar with these words; it would be easy for her to get it Chapter 4: INTERNSHIP SUMMARY 1 Good practice: I have obtained many benefits from my internship at Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station This was a good opportunity for me to gain experience in translation field I had worked as a real translator and… on pass left for us We had four people who took the internship at the same time there So we had to share it and took advantage of 12 the other translator days of rest to do our jobs That was why the amount of programs I did was not much 3 Future orientation: In future, I will continue maintaining the improvement of the skills that I had got during my internship period The main thing I should do is to… chance for me to get used to the working environment that I might be in the future I could know how the work of a translator in such position is 2 Short comings: One thing that I feel regret is that the internship period was rather short so I could not try in other programs such as cartoons, sports, national geographic, circus which the other translators in this section could do One disadvantage that… thing that I should not forget is to read books and search information on the Internet to update information and to improve my knowledge as well 13 Chapter 5: EVALUATION 1 Self-evaluation: During my internship period, I had worked very hard; I even went to the office on the weekend I had taken many efforts to do my job and to solve problems generating unexpectedly I also took much time to translate… time on the year The next day, Nature and Science drove to Kuisu Town, 30 km away from the county seat It snowed the whole way but we eventually arrived then found TianRongHong, the correspondent who reported the wolf attack TianRongHong; Public Secretary, Kuisu Town, Balikun County: “After learning a little more about what had happened, we set out with Mr.Li, the town head, and Mr.Ha, another town… some say over 20 Now the herdsmen often run into wolves in packs of 3 or 4 They typically attack the livestock HaYiDo, a deputy head of Kuisu Town Government in charge of animal husbandry showed us a report on wolves attacks which indicated that in the months of November and December 2007 alone, livestock get the wintry pastures on the North Mount were attacked about a dozen times with 183 sheep being… wolf attacks around Xinjiang indicate that there are quite a few wolves packs active in Xinjiang right now From interviews, we also got to know a shocking fact: only 7 wolves took part in the attacks reported in Balikun County but they killed 97 sheep from which on can get a rough idea of how efficient they are What is more appalling in such a killing spree is not the most serious YuanGuoYing:”There . Sciences Faculty Major English Department INTERNSHIP REPORT Name: Lê Thị Thanh Thùy Class: 47 TAPD Code: 47137071 At: Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station Internship Period: Feb 9 th 2009 to. to take my internship at Satellite Crew, Program Production Centre, Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station, a prestigious place that gave me many advantages. The purpose of this report is to. advantages. The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period. The report focuses primarily on the working environment, my job and benefits that I get.

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