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Ngày đăng: 28/03/2014, 11:47

đề thi toeic 6 có đáp án 2009-02e101. The Payroll Department _______ that allemployees submit their completed and signed timesheets no later than Thursday due to the upcomingholiday. (a) wants(b) requests(c) desires(d) likes102. The Hiring Manager found the _______ wasqualified, but felt that he was not a good fit for thecompany, so he stopped the negotiations. (a) candid(b) candidate(c) candidly(d) candidacy103. After touring the manufacturing plant, she _______that we could apply many of their procedures to our ownoperations at the Birmingham facility. (a) determination(b) determined(c) determinating(d) determines104. It is mandatory _______ all employees to turn intheir timecards by Wednesday, or else they will have towait to receive their checks the following Wednesday. (a) from(b) to(c) by(d) for105. Please check with Maria to see if she _______ theproduct samples along on the trip, so we can show thenew line to the clients we’re meeting with at seven. (a) bought(b) brings(c) brought(d) buys106. I was a little shocked when the buyer suggestedthat we _______ several younger employees to thecommittee to get market perspective. (a) added(b) will have added(c) add(d) will add107. We should see a _______ reduction in processingtime once we implement the new accounts receivablesystem and the employees have been adequatelytrained. (a) significantly(b) significant(c) signified(d) signification108. According to market reports, consumer _______ isdown this year by twelve percent, but with the holidayshopping season just beginning that number is sure toimprove. (a) profits(b) spending(c) taxation(d) losses109. If Mr. Logan and Ms. Calkins are unable to meet atthe _______ time, please email me and I’ll try toreschedule at a more convenient time. (a) prepared(b) supported(c) arranged(d) canceled110. Julia in the Promotions Department announced intoday’s staff meeting that the company picnic, weatherpermitting, is _______ for next Tuesday. (a) recorded(b) scheduled(c) appointed(d) programmed1111. If you feel it is essential to make changes in theorder at this time, please _______ with the HeadDesigner on how the changes will affect the schedule.(a) refer(b) discuss(c) consult(d) confirm112. The new customer service assistants will be trainedby a team of three people _______ have a combinedtotal of twenty-three years’ experience with our company.(a) whose(b) who(c) what(d) whom113. International economic reports conclude that risinginterest rates are to blame for the _______ ofinternational currency. (a) unstable(b) instability(c) stabilize(d) stability114. Based on the demographic study, we think thatpeople from the _______ area will come to buy ourproducts if we start using billboards in certain areas.(a) enclosing(b) surrounding(c) encircling(d) accompanying115. Today the computer manufacturer Tech-Strong_______ its yearly revenue reports public and surprisedeveryone with sales unmatched by any competitor. (a) left(b) made(c) got(d) helped116. I _______ Mr. Cassar in the Sales Departmentprepare biweekly progress reports for me and all theother members of the Cover Project sales team. (a) hired(b) left(c) had(d) helped117. We are going to cancel the regional sales meeting,_______ the big snowstorm has shut down airports andall major airlines are grounded. (a) although(b) despite(c) unless(d) since118. Her vast market analysis knowledge and contactswithin the industry make Adrienne Reston an incredible_______ for our company’s marketing department. (a) research(b) resource(c) resort(d) response119. After we analyze the proposals and make arecommendation, the final decision will then be _______to the project manager and her immediate supervisor. (a) down(b) up(c) on(d) with120. Insurance company MediLife acquired LifeSure lastweek in a multi-million dollar _______ that industryanalysts say will result in several layoffs. (a) merger(b) policy(c) separation(d) attachment121. Jean works in the subcommittee that tests and_______ all new software programs before programs arepurchased and installed. (a) reveres(b) reverses(c) reviews(d) revives2122. Marcus Jones says it was because of falling pricesin the last quarter that investors _______ bought sharesof the ailing company’s stock. (a) effortlessly(b) hesitantly(c) confidently(d) carelessly123. In conclusion, I urge you to meet with yoursupervisor _______ you have any concerns about thenew company reimbursement policy. (a) would(b) might(c) should(d) could124. I recently heard that in the new office building wewill be sharing space with the executive staff and the_______ department. (a) exposure(b) advertising(c) coverage(d) public125. The president’s assistant told me that she would notbe _______ for scheduling the conference room for staffneeds anymore. (a) responsive(b) responding(c) responsible(d) respected126. When mailing in your catalogue order, don’t forgetto _______ each item number on the correct item line ofthe order form. (a) incline(b) invite(c) include(d) incite127. Yesterday, Kelvin Scientific announced its _______plan to build two new production plants and double itsworkforce over the next five to seven years. (a) ambitious(b) generous(c) sprawling(d) driving 128. The corporation now offers more incentives foremployees in order to avoid the _______ high turnoverrate that seems to be worsening. a) cautiously(b) believably(c) carelessly(d) historically129. Our tenants are upset because they weren’tinformed that very soon a major highway constructionproject would be taking place _______ their building.(a) along(b) beside(c) through(d) within130. I’m interfacing _______ New York at 3 p.m., and Ihave a report due at the end of the day, so I’m going tohave to cancel the dinner. (a) with(b) from(c) for(d) in131. My assistant told me that it usually takesapproximately three hours for the _______ service todeliver the package to the Detroit office. (a) courier(b) distribution(c) carry(d) curry132. Considering the unexpected popularity of the Tickle-Bot last year, the toy’s manufacturer will increase the_______ for this holiday season.(a) investment3(b) production(c) expenses(d) construction133. We all know the Markel Company would not havelost another account _______ high overhead costs anddecreased sales. (a) if not for(b) provided that(c) in that(d) so long as134. As a final warning, I want to remind you thatcontinued delays in the processing of importantpaperwork will no longer be _______. (a) toleration(b) tolerating(c) tolerate(d) tolerated135. All car dealerships consider different factors,including _______, when formulating the vehicle’s trade-in value, but some are fairer than others. (a) depreciate(b) depreciation(c) appreciate(d) appreciation136. The technology industry _______ towards theresearch and development of wireless communicationsin the last decade. (a) shifts(b) will have shifted(c) has shifted(d) will shift137. The most _______ period for the Americanhospitality industry is usually in the summer between theearly May and mid-September. (a) expensive(b) costly(c) profitable(d) worthy138. The _______ was a great success and, as a result,I have several meetings set up for next week that shouldproduce a few new client contracts. (a) presenter(b) present(c) presentation(d) presentable139. Advancements in telecommunications have made aglobal economic system possible, _______ advertiserscan now take a more globalized approach to marketing. (a) yet(b) so(c) or(d) but140. Studies have _______ that wise product placementcan increase company revenues dramatically inrelatively short periods of time. (a) recommend(b) researched(c) shown(d) targetedQuestions 141-143 refer to the following letter.Study Shows Workers are Saving More Than EverA recent survey by Waverly University reveals that young workers are putting more money asidein retirement funds than any other previous generation. Instead of saving about ten percent oftheir annual salaries, as _______ by most financial planners, the study found that employeesunder the age of thirty save an average of about fifteen percent of their yearly wages. 4141. (a) advising(b) advised(c) has advised(d) adviseThe study, which targeted employees between the ages of twenty-five and thirty in ten citiesacross the nation, was conducted by the Department of Economics in order to find trends inspending habits amongst the youngest age bracket _______ the professional workforce. Theresults, however, prompted the analysis of savings habits instead. 142. (a) in (b) on(c) by(d) for“When we designed the study, we expected to learn more about young professionals asconsumers,” _______ Eric Bradley, Professor of Economics at Waverly University, ”but insteadwe learned more about the financial goals of this age group. When asked about their reasonsfor saving, most respondents replied that they wanted to make sure they could supportthemselves in old age.”143. (a) quoted(b) retorted (c) commented(d) questionedQuestions 144-146 refer to the following letter.Hampton Insurance Agency4715 Albertson Blvd., Suite A-103Marietta, Georgia 29174To whom it may concern:It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support of Joshua Baker. Josh has been anemployee of Hampton Insurance Agency for _______ ten years.144. (a) hardly(b) easily(c) closely(d) nearlyHe started as our office clerk, but after one year we asked him to become a claims adjuster. Irecommended him for this _______ because of his outstanding ability to work with clients.145. (a) election(b) promotion (c) negotiation(d) associationJosh is always pleasant when interacting with customers, and he responds to their concerns in apolite and professional manner. Many of our clients have told me that Josh always returned their5phone calls in a timely fashion and always made sure their needs were met. Another one of Josh’s qualities that I would like to mention is his attention to detail. In the insurancebusiness, a mistake in paperwork can cost the agency thousands of dollars. Instead of _______through the paperwork like some of our other employees, Josh always takes his time.146. (a) to rush(b) rushes(c) rushing(d) rushHe even stays in the office late to make sure all his claims are accurate and complete. As a result,Josh has received an award for being the most accurate adjuster in our company.Josh is an excellent employee who deserves to advance to a higher position in the insurance field. Irecommend him without hesitation. Please contact me at 473-4826 if I can provide any furtherinformation in support of his application to your company.Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.Big Foot ShoesWalk a mile in our shoes, and you’ll never buy from anyone else!END OF THE YEAR SALE!Saturday, December 16th ONLYMark your calendars because you’re not going to want to miss this one. For one day only,everything in the store _______ heavily discounted.147. (a) will have been(b) are(c) will be(d) wasThat means all of your favorite brands and styles will be under one roof and selling at prices youwon’t believe. Take the Fastbreak Running Shoe, regularly priced at $89.99. The sale price is anastonishing $49.99. That’s a forty dollar price _______!148. (a) cut(b) reduce(c) sale(d) costBut we didn’t stop with the price cuts. Check out our cool two-for-one special, which allows youto take home two pairs of shoes – any style and price – for the price of one. Everything in thestore is on the sale, including all accessories. This is the time to stock up on all your favoriteshoes, because you’ll never see shoe prices this _______ again. 149. (a) cheaply(b) cheaper(c) cheapest6(d) cheapBig Foot ShoesQuestions 150-152 refer to the following letter.8700 Oceanview DriveLos Angeles, CA 90230Ad Event Media AgencySeptember 15Dear Mr. Jordan,I have known Clara Wu for the past three years _______ she has worked as a Sales Associatefor Ad Event Media Agency150. (a) for(b) while (c) by(d) aroundClara has never failed to impress with _______ strong work ethic and her one-of-a-kindpersonality.151. (a) its(b) their(c) her(d) hisHer job performance has always exceeded expectations, and she has consistently been a topsalesperson throughout her entire employment with our company. Clients and co-workers alikerespond very well to Clara due to her highly developed interpersonal and communication skills.Because she is an _______ listener and interviewer, Clara is able to consistently meet herclients’ needs in a positive and thorough manner. 152. (a) idealistic(b) agreeable(c) acceptable(d) exceptionalI recommend her for employment without reservation. Please feel free to contact me if you haveany questions or concerns.Part 7 : finish within 22 minutesNotification of Open Credit Line PMI Financial800 Pecan Avenue7Kansas City, MO 40500Account Number: 28941921043980June 17Dan Wernecke10101 Zafarano Blvd.Kansas City, MO 40500Dear Mr. Wernecke,Congratulations on your new credit account with PMI Financial. It’s a compliment to you andyour financial planning that your application has been approved. We are pleased to inform youthat a credit line of one thousand dollars has been approved for your use. All you have to do isvisit a PMI store near you, fill out a request-for-credit transaction form for any amount up to andincluding one thousand dollars, and PMI Financial will cut you a check right on the spot.Additionally, based on your good credit standing, extra cash may be just a phone call away. Callme directly at PMI Financial to apply for the money you want.Karen Mortenson,Your PMI Financial Manager1-800-454-3432 ext. 103153. What is the purpose of the letter?(a) To remind Mr. Wernecke to pay his balance(b) To welcome Mr. Wernecke to PMI Financial(c) To inform Mr. Wernecke that his credit line has beenincreased(d) To notify Mr. Wernecke that his loan application hasbeen received154. How much is Mr. Wernecke’s credit line?(a) $103(b) $800(c) $1000(d) $1500155. What will Mr. Wernecke most likely do if he wantsextra money?(a) Go to the nearest PMI store(b) Fill out an application online(c) Call his PMI Financial representative(d) Contact one of Ms. Mortenson’s employees156. The word “transaction” in the first paragraph, line 4is closest in meaning to (a) sales(b) tax(c) business(d) contractMORNINGSTAR REAL ESTATE PARTNERSOFFICE (956)234-2343 WEBSITE:www.morningstarproperties.com FAX (956)234-3423APARTMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT8Morningstar Real Estate Partners, as Manager and Agent, rents to Resident(s) ApartmentNumber 333 located at 7530 San Pedro Avenue, Brownsville, Texas 78320 to be used solely forthe purpose of a personal unfurnished apartment residence by: Carry Garcia for a term of ninemonths and fourteen days beginning June 17 and ending March 31. This Agreement shall bemonth-to-month and will terminate on April 1. Resident shall pay rent, tax, charges and depositsas set forth below.Monthly Base Rental Charges: $750 Other Charges and Deposits: $500Monthly Pet Rent: $15 per month Pet Deposit: $300Utilities: Natural gas – Paid by ResidentElectricity – Paid by ResidentWater – Paid by OwnerWaste disposal – Paid by ResidentAmount to be paid to the account of Morningstar Real Estate Partners by certified check on amonthly basis: $765 The rent shall be $765 per month and must be paid on or before the first day of each month.Residents may pay with a personal check, cashier’s check, certified check or a money order.Resident : Carry Garcia Date: June 15157. Who is most likely the recipient of the agreement?(a) A former resident(b) A Morningstar partner(c) The leasing agent(d) The future tenant158. How much will Ms. Garcia pay on a monthly basis?(a) $300(b) $500(c) $750(d) $765.159. When does the lease begin? (a) March 31(b) April 1(c) June 15(d) June 17160. The word “terminate” in paragraph 1, line 4 isclosest in meaning to (a) expire(b) originate(c) repeat(d) continueConsumer Marketplace CLASSIFIEDS Are you ready to expand your business? Do it with Consumer Marketplace.9With Consumer Marketplace, your advertisement will reach over one hundred thousand homesin the metropolitan area. Our publication is distributed at the first of each month and is sent tohomes in neighborhoods all over the city. We offer monthly rates as well as annual rates, andthe best part is that Consumer Marketplace is one of the most affordable advertising optionsavailable.For just fifteen dollars a month, you can buy a 25-word advertisement. For only seventy-fivedollars a month, you’ll get a quarter-page ad. We have several graphic design options to choosefrom, all of which are included in the basic rate. Call to place your ad today or fax or e-mail yourad copy and we’ll provide design ideas and rates.Line Classified Advertising Rates (Per Issue)1-25 words: $15 per monthAdditional Words: $.75 per wordOptional Tinting $1.50 per wordQuarter-page $75Deadline for March issue: February 26161. What is this notice about?(a) The advertisement opportunities with a publication(b) The distribution information of ConsumerMarketplace(c) The accomplishments of a local magazine(d) The rates for running a newspaper advertisement162. Who would most likely be interested in this notice? (a) Consumers in the metropolitan area(b) Classified ads salespeople(c) Local business owners(d) Magazine publishers.163. How much does it cost to include color words in anadvertisement?(a) Seventy-five cents per word(b) Fifteen dollars per month(c) One dollar fifty cents per word(d) Seventy-five dollars per word164. The word “metropolitan” in the first paragraph, line 2is closest in meaning to(a) popular(b) urban(c) wealthy(d) busyMARTIN-CURRY CONSULTANTSYou’re invited to join us in celebrating twenty-five years as one of the top structural engineeringdesign firms in the Northeast. The firm will be hosting a reception to honor our clients and friendsthat have supported us over the years. For a quarter century, Martin-Curry has stood for innovationin structural engineering and project management and has continued to be the engineering firm ofchoice by supplying its many clients with quality design and service.10[…]… C 131 A 141 B 151 C 161 A 171 C 181 D 191 C 102 B 112 B 122 B 132 B 142 A 152 D 162 C 172 A 182 D 192 C 103 B 113 B 123 C 133 A 143 C 153 B 163 C 173 C 183 A 193 D 104 D 114 B 124 B 134 D 144 D 154 C 164 B 174 C 184 C 194 C 105 C 115 B 125 C 135 B 145 B 155 C 165 C 175 A 185 C 195 D 1 06 C 1 16 C 1 26 C 1 36 C 1 46 C 1 56 C 166 B 1 76 C 1 86 B 1 96 B 107 B 117 D 127 A 137 C 147 C 157 D 167 B 177 A 187 A 197… last working day for our interns This year, we will be treating twenty-two guests to a day at the park and would like to request catering service as well I have reviewed your menu online and would like the Menu “E” Option (Hot Dogs/ Veggie Burgers/pies and cakes) We will only need three vegetarian plates Thank you in advance for your help Please contact me at 312 -63 4 -66 43 if you need any additional information… NOT likely a recipient of the invitation? (a) Long-standing clients (b) Current employees (c) Family members of employees (d) Friends in the industry 165 When is the last day to RSVP? (a) October 1 (b) October 31 (c) November 9 (d) November 25 166 167 (a) To acknowledge the hard work of the employees (b) To observe a major company milestone (c) To honor the company’s co-founder (d) To celebrate the… encourage students to sign up for the Certificate Program 169 Who would NOT be interested in this course, according to the summary? (a) A project manager (b) A banker (c) A real-estate agent (d) An insurance agent 171 The word “embrace” in the second paragraph, line 2 is closest in meaning to (a) adopt (b) hug (c) contain (d) hold 172 Where would this summary most likely appear? (a) In a university course… Holbrook, NH 563 33 July 1 Dear Mr McIntire, I am writing to request your assistance in organizing a corporate outing at Rollers Amusement Park We have visited the park for the past four years for our Intern Appreciation Party and have been pleased with your service I hope that we can continue the tradition this year We plan on having the outing on Friday, August 7 and must be firm with this date because… 1 26 C 1 36 C 1 46 C 1 56 C 166 B 1 76 C 1 86 B 1 96 B 107 B 117 D 127 A 137 C 147 C 157 D 167 B 177 A 187 A 197 D 108 B 118 B 128 D 138 C 148 A 158 D 168 D 178 D 188 A 198 B 109 C 119 B 129 B 139 B 149 D 159 D 169 B 179 B 189 D 199 C 110 A 120 A 130 A 140 C 150 B 160 A 170 A 180 D 190 B 200 C … Amber Tillerman Company: M Bingerburg Group Date: January 12 Hiring Recommendation: Hirable The screening deals specifically with Ms Tillerman’s sales potential This screening has determined that Amber has a natural aptitude for positions within the marketing profession Generating short-term sales should be expected from Ms Tillerman, and she will certainly yield results in a highly competitive market… company (b) To survey Ms Tillerman’s sales skills (c) To review Ms Tillerman’s professional history (d) To assess Ms Tillerman’s ability to train others 1 86 When did Ms Tillerman take the screening test? (a) January 12 187 (b) January 14 (c) January 16 (d) January 17 Why did Ms Truman write the e-mail to Mr Bingerburg? (a) To voice her concerns about Ms Tillerman (b) To ask for his analysis of the results… Polanco’s position? (a) Grant writer (b) Public relations director 192 (c) High-level manager (d) Political lobbyist When will Mr Polanco and Ms Fulton most likely meet? (a) Before July 23 (b) On July 26 193 16 (c) Before July 31 (d) After August 2 (d) The Capitol Hill Education Collaborative Who is Alicia Jefferson? (a) Ms Fulton’s current supervisor (b) Mr Polanco’s former employee (c) Ms Fulton’s good… the way decisions are made and has been proven to generate profits in the companies that embrace it This course qualifies for the Hubble University Management Certificate Program With the completion of the learning module and a final project, students will receive credit towards a Management Certificate This course will be of particular interest to project managers, bankers and insurers 11 What is the

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