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Ngày đăng: 22/12/2013, 10:27

Ôn thi B1 tiếng Anh bao gồm 4 phần: Nghe, nói đọc, viết có đáp án kèm theo. Tài liệu rất hữu ít cho việc ôn thi và học tập nâng cao kỹ năng. TRƯỜNG ĐẠI HỌC CẦN THƠ KHOA KHOA KHỌC XÃ HỘI & NHÂN VĂN BỘ MÔN NGOẠI NGỮ ` Tài liệu hướng dẫn ôn thi ANH VĂN B1 (dành cho học viên cao học)  BAN BIÊN SOẠN Lưu hành nội bộ Tháng 8, 2011 MỤC LỤC ĐỌC HIỂU Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và từ vựng . Phần 2: Đọc biểu bảng Phần 3: Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi . Phần 4: Đọc và điền khuyết VIẾT Phần 1: Chuyển đổi câu (theo gợi ý) . Phần 2: Viết thư NGHE . Phần 1: Nghe và xác nhận thông tin đúng /sai Phần 2: Nghe và điền khuyết . NÓI Phần 1: Giới thiệu bản thân . Phần 2: Trình bày 1 chủ đề Phần 3 Thảo luận . 2 ĐỌC HIỂU  Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và từ vựng  Phần 2: Đọc biểu bảng  Phần 3: Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi  Phần 4: Đọc và điền khuyết 3 PHẦN 1: TRẮC NGHIỆM NGỮ PHÁP VÀ TỪ VỰNG I. GRAMMAR Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. Circle the answer (A, B, C, or D) for your choice. 1. Vinaexpo ____________ an international exhibition for wine and spirits business. A. is B. are C. be D. being 2. Carla ____________ from an old Italian family of winemakers in Cosenza and she knows a lot about marketing wine. A. come B. comes C. is coming D. has come 3. On busy Mahatma Gandhi road, hundreds of small shops ____________ everything from gold to hot food. (correct) A. selling B. are selling C. are sold D. sell 4. Today they ____________ a meeting with an olive oil supplier in Seville. A. are B. are having C. having D. have 5. Are you free on Wednesday? Well, I ____________ to Paris at 1:00 for an afternoon meeting. A. flies B. flying C. am fly D. am flying 6. When ____________ your new restaurant? A. do you open B. you open C. are you open D. are you going to open 7. Tony goes to Lifestyle fitness club four ____________ a week A. time B. a time C. timing D. times 8. Doctors all say the same thing: look after your heart and do regular ____________. A. exercises B. exercise C. an exercise D. the exercise 9. My office is large and crowed, so ____________ is a problem. A. a noise B. noises C. the noise D. noise 10. This is a good year for a lot of small ____________ like Lifestyle. A. businesses B. business C. a business D. the businesses 11. Fares on the no-frills airlines are usually ____________ on the traditional airlines. A. lower than B. more lower than C. more low than D. lower 12. Best Flight’s website is ____________ Skyline’s. A. as good B. as good so C. as good as D. as good than 13. In 2003, we said goodbye to ____________ passenger airliner in the world: Concorde. A. the beautifullest B. the most beautiful C. the more beautiful D. the beautiful than 14. Barbara Jones ____________in the school office as a secretary. A. work B. working C. workes D. works 15. Everyday, she answers the phone, types letters, and ____________other secretarial jobs too. A. does B. do C. dos D. doing 16. There ____________two other secretaries in my college. A. is B. have C. are D. has 17. My best friend ____________at my college. A. not B. is not C. not be D. not studies 4 18. She ____________a small school near her home. A. goes B. come to C. studies D. goes to 19. Jane Azar ____________chemistry at a high school in Florida. Students never feel bored in her class. A. teaches B. teach C. should teach D. can teach 20. Ann would like to make some new friends. I think she____________some clubs so she can meet people who have similar interests. A. should joins B. joins C. should join D. join 21. Ellen is having a lot of troubles in her chemistry class. She’s failed the last two tests. I think Ellen____________a tutor to help in her study. A. should not have B. should have C. to have D. has 22. “Hello. This is Mary Swans. ____________I speak to the landlady?” A. Should B. Will C. May D. Do 23. She ____________not stay in dormitories since she cannot stand crowded places. A. should B. is C. prefers D. could 24. “Will John come?” – “He____________; I am not sure.” A. should B. will C. can D. may 25. James ____________along well with his roommates. A. usually don’t get C. usually doesn’t get B. don’t usually get D. doesn’t usually get 26. Janet is late today. I think she should ____________a bus instead of walking to school. A. take B. takes C. be taken D. to take 27. Karen ____________in extra-curricular activities. A. isn’t often participatingC. often doesn’t participate B. doesn’t often participate D. often isn’t participating 28. I ____________a project on pollution for the S.E.P right now. A. builds B. am build C. build D. am building 29. What are you doing after class? I ____________my drama club. A. go B. going to C. am going to (correct)D. am going 30. There ____________a lot of live music shows on VTV3 lately. A. has been B. have been C. were D. will be 31. My cousin ____________five gold medals in Wushu since 1990. A. has been winning B. has won C. won D. has winned 32. After traveling around Europe and Africa for 12 months, Suiti ____________to Indonesia at the end of 2008. A. returning B. returned C. has returned D. returns 33. Uyen and Ha enjoy their jobs as TV presenters for Can Tho television station. Both of them ____________ there for 5 years. A. have worked C. worked B. have been working D. have been worked 34. The local authorities are trying to raise ____________ public awareness about how to reduce environmental pollution. A. more B. less C. fewer D. than 5 35. I advise my family members to use ____________plastics bags when they go shopping. A. more B. less C. fewer D. than 36. To help protect the environment, farmers should use ____________fertilizers when farming. A. more B. less C. fewer D. than 37. If there are ____________greenhouse gases released into the air, the ozone layer will not be as damaged. A. more B. less C. fewer D. littler 38. There is some milk in the fridge. There isn’t _________ bread left. A. some B. any C. no D. no much 39. Overpopulation may lead to ____________space for living. A. more B. less (correct) C. fewer D. than 40. The better the public transportation service is, the ____________people use it. A. more B. less C. fewer D. better 41. What ____________your favorite food as a child? – Oh, I loved all kinds of food. A. was B. were C. is D. did 42. Last night, Tony ____________television because he had a lot of lessons to study. A. didn’t watched B. didn’t watch C. watched D. watches 43. Can I talk to Mary? – I’m afraid you can’t, sir. She ____________a bath. A. has B. is have C. having D. is having 44. Look! Two butterflies ____________near the window. A. is flying B. fly C. are flying D. flew 45. There are ____________sugar and ____________apples on the table. A. some/any B. some/some C. any/any D. any/some 46. ‘Where’s the nearest post office?’ ____________ A. ‘Turn left and then right’ C. ‘It’s about two kilometers’ B. ‘It’s open at nine o’clock’ D. ‘It’s very far’ 47. ‘What’s your new address?’ ____________ A. ‘It’s very old.’ C. ‘Go straight on.’ B. ‘Flat 42B, 225 Nathan Road, Kowloon.’ D. ‘It’s yellow.’ 48. ‘How do we get there?’ ____________ A. ‘Flat 42B, 225 Nathan Road.’ C. ‘Yes, you do.’ B. ‘Turn right just after the Bank of China.’ D. ‘You can walk there.’ 49. ‘How far is it from here?’ ____________ A. ‘No, it isn’t.’ C. ‘It’s long.’ B. ‘Two kilometers, at least.’ D. ‘It’s not long.’ 50. ‘I’ll think I’ll go by bus. Where’s the nearest bus stop?’ ____________ A. ’At ten past nine.’ C. ‘It’s five minutes by bus.’ B. ‘Cross the road and turn left.’ D. ‘No, it isn’t.’ 51. ‘What time is there a bus?’ ____________ A. ‘Twice a day.’ B. ‘An hour.’ C. ‘At Seven thirty.’ (added) D. ‘It’s far.’ 52. ‘How often do the buses run?’ ____________ A. ‘Three times.’ B. ‘Every hour.’ C. ‘It’s over there.’ D. ‘At seven’ 6 53. How do you go to school? ____________ A. By bus B. I don’t know C. It’s very far. D. At seven 54. How much does it cost? ____________ A. At five o’clock B. By bicycle C. Go straight on D. One dollar 55. Football is ____________to play than jogging. A. more tiring B. as tiring as C. the most tiring D. tiring 56. Among the good students in my school, he is ____________. A. brighter B. as bright as C. more brighter D. the brightest 57. This book is $5. That book is also $5. So this book is ____________that book. A. as cheap as B. not as cheap as C. cheaper than D. the cheapest 58. I didn’t buy____________books, but I bought____________small dictionary. A. some/ a B. any/ a C. some/ some D. any/ the 59. Among the bad students in my school, he is ____________, A. badder B. as bad as C. worse D. the worst 60. This book is $20. That dictionary is $25. So the dictionary is____________the book. A. as expensive as (correct) C. not as expensive as B. more expensive than D. the most expensive II. VOCABULARY Choose the word that has the closest meaning to the underlined words/phrases. Circle the answer (A, B, C, or D) for your choice. 61. James likes French cuisine, and specializes in French and Italian wine. A. food B. goods C. culture D. fashion 62. She lives in London but commutes regularly to Paris. A. communicates B. goes C. lives D. works 63. There are giant rainforest trees in the biomes. A. small B. big C. huge D. old 64. After eight days at sea, Andrew Veal began to have panic attacks. A. heart B. pain C. fear D. fun 65. Debra works every hour to check for supertankers. A. very big tanks B. very big cars C. very big ships D. very big planes 66. Cultural awareness is vital for success in the global market. A. important B. unnecessary C. normal D. dangerous 67. Could you please reserve ten single rooms for Friday 18? A. keep B. return C. serve again D. clean again 68. Unfortunately , I will not be able to attend the seminar in Prague on 19 September. A. Luckily B. Unluckily (correct) C. Hopefully D. Unnecessarily 69. This email is to get in touch again after a long time. A. receive B. touch C. contact D. send 70. I apologized for the delay in reply. A. checked B. was sorry C. was happy D. sent 71. Carlo Petrini was horrified when McDonald’s opened its first fast food outlet in Italy. A. hopeful B. frightened C. terrific D. interested 7 72. Carlo Petrini was horrified when McDonald’s opened its first fast food outlet in Italy. A. way out B. branch C. exit D. square 73. Only cities with a maximum of 50,000 inhabitants can join. A. habits B. residents C. vehicles D. pollutants 74. Members of Slow Food meet regularly to enjoy long slow meals. A. frequently B. again C. particularly D. not often 75. Slow Food is about improving the quality of our lives. A. making better B. making worse C. not proving D. not increasing 76. They promise to reduce traffic and noise in the city. A. increase B. decrease C. do again D. raise 77. He’s pleased about the long list of towns in Italy and abroad which want to join the Slow Cities Movement. A. on a boat B. locally C. in foreign countries D. in the community 78. They ban car alarms and neon-lit advertisements. A. buy B. bring C. do not allow D. not stop 79. On a plane, people can put their luggage in their ________________. A. check-in desk B. trolley C. overhead locker D. label 80. There were plans to demolish the old hotel and station. A. polish B. decrease C. destroy D. build 81. The French government decided to convert the building into a museum of art. A. contain B. change C. keep D. exhibit 82. The price of oil increased in 1981. A. went up B. went down C. leveled off D. remained stable 83. Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for Third World producers. A. promises B. controls C. gives money to D. predicts 84. Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for Third World producers. A. rich countries B. poor countries C. developed countries D. advanced countries 85. Four and a half million farmers in 36 countries benefit from Fairtrade. A. get advantages B. get disadvantages C. have drawbacks D. have problems 86. In general, global trade has helped people in developed countries most. A. rich B. poor C. old D. new 87. Since 1988, Fairtrade has expanded in 17 countries. A. become bigger B. become smaller C. exported D. imported 88. In the last decade the wages of workers on many banana plantations have decreased. A. trees B. farms C. forests D. greenhouses 89. In the last decade the wages of workers on many banana plantations have decreased. A. went up B. went down C. rose D. improved 90. Keymed was one of the first companies in UK to set up a high-quality crèche. A. cream B. cake C. nursery D. heath care 91. Punctuality is very important in work. A. Being on time B. Taking some time off C. Being late D. Being at the wrong time 8 92. Colleagues usually prefer to use family names in work. A. College students B. Workers in the same company C. Family members D. Classmates 93. A lot of communication is non-verbal during a business meeting. A. not using verbs B. using verbs C. not using words D. using words 94. It’s important not to interrupt another speaker. A. interview B. introduce C. stop D. continue 95. His business grew rapidly in the early years. A. quickly B. slowly C. carefully D. steadily 96. Consumers buy more goods on credits. A. Sellers B. Buyers C. Shop owners D. Shop assistants 97. In less than three decades there have been enormous economic and social changes in China. A. time of 10 years B. time of 20 years C. time of 30 years D. time of 90 years 98. In less than three decades there have been enormous economic and social changes in China. A. small B. huge C. unimportant D. safe 99. Today the state controls less than a quarter of industrial production in China. A. the US government B. the Chinese government C. the condition D. the situation 100. Today the state controls less than a quarter of industrial production in China. A. a half B. one-third C. one-fourth (correct) D. one-tenth 101. Consumer goods are everywhere, and millions of Chinese can now afford them. A. buy B. sell C. borrow D. lend 102. As industrialization continues, the worry is that the impact on the environment may also be huge. A. attack B. destruction C. influence D. agreement 103. Forests are essential to life. A. unimportant B. necessary C. expensive D. rich 104. Global warming will destroy most important wildlife habitats. A. animals in the house B. animals in the farms C. animals in nature D. crazy animals 105. Global warming will destroy most important wildlife habitats. A. habits B. residents C. life D. living places 106. It seems incredible that we have to live on less than 1% of the world’s water. A. believable B. unbelievable C. possible D. impossible 107. Half of the US population live in coastal areas. A. near a mountain B. near a lake C. near a river D. near a sea 108. We have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species. A. able to have good habits B. able to have good health C. able to make money D. able to live in 109. Since 1950, the world’s population has almost tripled. A. increased two times B. increased three times C. decreased two times D. decreased three times 110. Nowadays, infectious diseases no longer kill millions of children and adults. A. easy to expand B. easy to treat C. easy to cure D. easy to study 9 111. Big cities try to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transport. A. being noisy B. being narrow C. being crowded D. being quiet 112. Cork has been used in ancient time. A. modern B. traditional C. old D. new 113. Cork is an excellent material for heat insulation. A. increasing temperature B. decreasing temperature C. avoiding temperature change D. making temperature change 114. The cork is not removed from the oak until it is 25 years old. A. moved again B. given C. taken D. changed 115. Some wine producers have had the same vineyards for hundreds of years. A. playgrounds B. place to plant grapes C. techniques to make wine D. wine festivals 116. If we cannot reduce global warming, our planet won’t survive. A. live B. change C. become better D. service 117. Rubber is heated with chemicals to make it stronger. A. mixed B. put in a stove C. healed D. taken from a tree 118. About 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. A. sold B. drunk C. borrowed D. exported 119. Don’t worry! The dog is __________ and won’t bite you. A. harmful B. harmless C. harmed D. harm 120. We can buy duty-free goods in some airports. A. with high tax B. with low tax C. without tax D. free to choose 10

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