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Ngày đăng: 18/05/2015, 07:12

Unit 4 SCHOOL EDUCATION SYSTEM Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest. 1. a. general b. applicant c. usually d. October 2. a. parallel b. dependent c. educate d. primary 3. a. physical b. achievement c. government d. national 4. a. eleven b. history c. nursery d. different 5. a. consider b. similar c. actually d. carefully 6. a. expression b. easily c. depression d. disruptive 7. a. algebra b. musical c. politics d. apartment 8. a. mechanic b. chemistry c. cinema d. finally 9. a. typical b. favorite c. division d. organize 10.a. computer b. establish c. business d. remember 11. a. conference b. lecturer c. reference d. researcher 12.a. powerful b. interesting c. exciting d. difficult 13.a. memory b. exactly c. radio d. management 14.a. requirement b. condition c. example d. previous 15.a. library b. entertain c. understand d. referee Choose the best answer: 16.Tommy left high school _______ the age _______ seventeen. a. at / of b. in / for c. on / with d. of / in 17.The academic year in Vietnam is over _______ the end _______ May. a. from / in b. for / on c. on / in d. at / of 18.In _______ most countries, it is compulsory for children to receive primary education. a. a b. an c. the d. Ø 19.Over ____ past few decades, _____ schools in the USA have been testing various arrangements. a. the / Ø b. Ø / Ø c. a / the d. Ø / the 20.As an _______, Mr. Pike is very worried about the increasing of juvenile delinquency. a. educate b. education c. educator d. educative 21.Peter is trying his best to study in hope that he will _______ fame and fortune in the near future. a. lose b. run c. move d. achieve 22._______ is the study of the events of the past. a. Geography b. History c. Arts d. Literature 23.She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university _____. a. schedule b. education c. science d. technology 24.English is an important _______ that is required in several national examinations: a. language b. test c. evaluation d. subject 25._______ is the study of the Earth’s physical features and the people, plants, and animals that live in different regions of the world. a. Science b. Geography c. History d. Technology 26.Bicycles _______ in the driveway. a. must not leave b. must not be leaving c. must not be left d. must not have left 27.Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony _______ next weekend. a. is going to be performed b. has been performed c. will be performing d. will have performed 28.Reagan _______ an actor years ago. a. is said to be b. was said being c. was said have been d. is said to have been 29.I hate _______ personal questions by newly-acquainted friends. a. to be asking b. to be asked c. being asking d. of asking 30.It _______ that learning a foreign language _______ a lot of time. a. says / is taken b. is saying / has been taken c. is said / takes d. was said / was taken 31.All bottles _______ before transportation. a. frozen b. were froze c. were frozen d. are froze 32.The trees _______. a. were grown by John yesterday in the backyard b. were grown in the backyard by John yesterday c. were grown in the backyard yesterday by John d. in the backyard were grown yesterday by John 33._______ yet? a. Have the letters been typed b. Have been the letters typed 1 c. Have the letters typed d. Had the letters typed 34.English has become a second language in countries like India, Nigeria or Singapore where ______ for administration, broadcasting and education. a. is used b. it is used c. used d. being used 35.The telephone _______ by Alexander Graham Bell. a. is invented b. is inventing c. invented d. was invented 36.Lots of houses _______ by the earthquake. a. are destroying b. destroyed c. were destroying d. were destroyed 37.In the US the first stage of compulsory education _______ as elementary education. a. to be generally known b. is generally known c. generally known d. is generally knowing 38.The school library is open _______ all of the students and the teaching staff of the school. a. for b. over c. to d. among 39.I have just taken a Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL _______ short. a. of b. in c. on d. for 40.He did not do well at school and left with few _______ qualifications. a. academic b. academy c. academician d. academically 41.The Minister of the Education and Training Department appeared on TV last night to __ his new policy. a. public b. publicly c. publicize d. publicizing 42.The college offers both _______ and professional qualifications. a. government b. experience c. requirement d. academic 43.Fee-paying schools, often called “independent schools”, “private schools” or “_______ schools” a. college b. primary c. secondary d. public 44.In the UK, _______ schools refer to government-funded schools which provide education free of charge to pupils. a. state b. secondary c. independent d. primary 45.Mathematics, a required subject in all schools, is __ into many branches. a. grouped b. prepared c. divided d. added 46.Education has been developed in _______ with modern industry and the mass media. a. compulsory b. parallel c. selected d. following 47.School uniform is compulsory in most of Vietnamese schools. a. depended b. required c. divided d. paid 48._______ music is _______ popular pastime at many schools. a. Ø / a b. The / the c. A / the d. The / Ø 49.To apply to _______ UK independent school, you’ll need to have _______ good standard of education from your own country a. a / a b. the / a c. an / the d. the / the 50.Education _____ to be the most important element to develop a country. a. often be considered b. can often consider c. can often considered d. can often be considered 51.The preparations _______ by the time the guests _______. a. had been finished / arrived b. have finished / arrived c. had finished / were arriving d. have been finished / were arrived 52._______ in that company? a. Do shoes make b. Are shoes be made c. Shoes are made d. Are shoes made 53.Portuguese _______ as an official language in this city since three hundred years ago. a. has always been spoken b. has been spoken always c. has always spoken d. had always spoken 54.More than ten victims _______ missing in the storm last week. a. are reported to be b. are reported to have been c. are reporting to have been d. are reporting to be 55._______ by your father? a. Did that book write b. Did that book written c. Was that book written d. Was that book be writing 56.Something _______ immediately to prevent teenagers from _______ in factories and mines. a. should be done / being exploited b. we should do / exploiting c. should do I be exploited d. should have done / exploited 57.This car _______. a. was manufactured in Japan by Toyota last year 2 b. was manufactured by Toyota last year in Japan c. was manufactured last year in Japan by Toyota d. last year was manufactured by Toyota in Japan 58.Why _______ on time? a. don’t the exercises finish b. weren’t the exercises be finished c. aren’t the exercises being finished d. aren’t the exercises be finished 59.No longer _______ in our office since it _______. a. have typewriters been used / computerized b. typewriters have been used / was computerized c. have typewriters been used / was computerized d. typewriters have been used / computerized 60.When _______? a. were computers used first b. were computers first used c. did computers first use d. are computers first using 61.That machine is useless. It not been used for a long time a. is b. was c. did d. has 62.In England schooling is compulsory _______ all children from the age of 5 to 16. a. with b. for c. to d. over 63.In Vietnam a school year lasts for nine months and is divided _______ two terms. a. into b. to c. from d. on 64.To Vietnamese students, the _______ examination to university is very difficult. a. require b. requirement c. requiring d. required 65.Despite many recent _______ advances, there are parts where schools are not equipped with computers. a. technology b. technological c. technologically d. technologist 66.There is a wide range of _______ in the education system of the USA. a. select b. selective c. selected d. selection 67._______ schooling is compulsory in Australia between _______ ages of six and seventeen. a. The I Ø b. A / an c. Ø / the d. The / ah 68.In Scotland, students transfer from primary to secondary education at approximately age 12. a. compound b. base c. change d. move 69.He was so ill that he could not _______ his final examination and cancelled it to the next year. a. make b. do c. take d. gain 70.Although he has not got necessary experience, he used to take a _____ in business administration. a. curriculum b. course c. school d. class 71.Everything that _______ remained a secret. a. overheard b. had been overheard c. had overheard d. was overhearing 72.The refreshments _______ by Karen. a. are going to be prepared b. are going to prepare c. are preparing d. are to prepare 73._______ by the police. a. The stealing car has just been found b. The stolen car has just been found c. The stealing car has just found d. The stolen car has just found. 74._______ students required to wear uniforms at all times? a. Are b. Do c. Did d. Will 75._______ to you yet? a. Are the book been giving back b. Was the book been given back c. Has been the book given back d. Has the book been given back 76.What he has done to me _______. a. cannot forgiven b. cannot be forgiven c. cannot forgive d. cannot be forgiving 77.The keys _______ somewhere. a. must have been leaving b. must have left c. must be leaving d. must have been left 78.Japanese _______ at the meeting. a. will speak b. will spoken c. will be spoken d. will be speaking 79.Although he tried his best, he could not make his voice _______. a. hear b. to hear c. hearing d. heard 80.I _______ in the lounge for ten minutes. a. was told waiting b. was told to wait c. was telling to be waited d. was told to be waited 81.These students _______ so much that they feel very tired and bored. a. are made to study b. are made study c. are making to study d. ate made to be studied 82.They _______ time and money doing such a thing. a. were advised not to waste b. were advised not to be wasted c. were advising not to waste d. were advising not to be wasted 3 . computer b. establish c. business d. remember 11. a. conference b. lecturer c. reference d. researcher 12. a. powerful b. interesting c. exciting d. difficult 13.a. memory b. exactly c. radio d. management 14.a / ah 68.In Scotland, students transfer from primary to secondary education at approximately age 12. a. compound b. base c. change d. move 69.He was so ill that he could not _______ his final examination

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