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Unit 1 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently the rests: 1. A. gossip B. generous C. origin D. gymnastic 2. A. mutual B. question C. feature D. confidential 3. A. change B. character C. cheek D. chilly 4. A. incapable B. life C. suspicious D. friendship 5. A. loyalty B. constancy C. quality D. by II. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box: 1. To have a true friendship, two friends must have some special ______. 2. You shouldn’t make friends with people who are only ________ with their own interests & feelings. 3. Friendship is a two-sided affair, it lives by _______________. 4. I don’t think ________ & uncertain people are ____________ of a lifelong friendship. 5. That man looked very ________ b/c he glanced at the precious jewelries in my gold shop. 6. Don’t talk about your secrets to people who ___________& _______. 7. There must be a mutual ______ b/c if not, people can’t feel ______ when telling the other their _______. 8. Your _______ makes you have fewer friends, so you should be more friendly & helpful to your friends. 9. The adjectives such as: tall, short, broad, crooked… are used to describe one’s __________. 10. The ________ is a person who plays the guitar. Give and take, qualities, concerned, guitarist, changeable, trust, suspicious, rumour, incapable, gossip, characteristic, selfishness, safe, secrets 11. Nam is my best friend. He has a great sense of __________ 12. “Humourous, caring, hospitable….” are adjectives used to describe one’s __________. 13. Talkative people can’t keep a friend ______ b/c they can’t keep a secret, either of their own or of others’. 14. We are best friends. We have a lot of things in __________. 15. Only was the secretary _______ to her manager in spite of many changes in her company. 16. Where there is no mutual _________, there is no true friendship. 17. Don’t believe what he said b/c he is an/a _______ boy. 18. No friendship can _______ long which is all give on one side & all take on the other. 19. Don’t make friends with people take up an interest with enthusiasm & are tired of it soon & feel the __________ of some new object. 20. A/an ___________ is a person one simply knows. 21. Those who are easily influenced by rumours can never be _____ friends. 22. An/a ___________ building is a building with many flats. Long, acquaintance, humour, last, sympathy, good, loyal, attraction, unfaithful/disloyal, personality, common, apartment III. Circle the best answer: 1. The teacher advised us ____ harder so that we can _____ the coming exam easily. A. to study/to pass B. study/pass C. to study/pass D. study/to pass 2. He was made _____ his case by the custom officer. A. open B. opening C. opened D. to open 3. The police_____ them get out of their car. A. caused B. made C. asked D. ordered 4. It _____ to rain heavily for four days. A. stopped B. appeared C. continued D. tried 5. I heard someone _____ outside. A. fall B. falls C. fell D. to fall 6. We are rather tired so we should stop ______ a cup of coffee. A. drinking B. drink C. for drink D. to drink 7. I’m sorry I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight. I’m having something important ______ at home. A. do B. to do C. for doing D. doing 8. My parents never let me _____ after 10 o’clock at night. A. to stay out B. stay out C. staying out D. be staying out 1 9. I don’t think he will allow you ______ his car tomorrow. A. use B. to use C. using D. will use 10. What do you ______ to do for you now? A. want me B. let me C. make me D. allow me 11. He could not afford ________. A. to buy a car B. buy a car C. buying a car D. can buy a car 12. The boy was permitted to watch cartoons on Sundays. The boy’s parents let __________________________________. A. to watch cartoons on Sundays. B. him to watch cartoons on Sunday. C. him watched cartoons on Sundays. D. him watch cartoons on Sundays. 13. He’s gone down to the corner _____ some milk. A. get B. to get C. getting D. got 14. Why did she decide ______ in this company? A. not to work B. to not work C. not working D. not to working 15. Why weren’t we permitted _______ the house? A. entering B. to enter C. enter D. entered Vocabulary & expressions: 16. Did you form any close ______ while you were at college? A. friendships B. teams C. companies D. conferences 17. You don’t seem very _____ about the party – don’t you want to go tonight? A. loyal B. constant C. enthusiastic D. trust 18. Her ______ to the cause is impressive. A. loyalty B. selfishness C. sympathy D. sorrow 19. ______people can’t keep a friend long because they can’t keep a secret, either of their own or of others’. A. friendly B. unselfish C. talkative D. truthful 20. When you trust each other, you will feel _____ when telling the other your secrets. A. safe B. safely C. safeness D. safety 21. One of his personalities I admire the most is ______. A. crooked B. large C. sincere D. unfriendly 22. He is my best friend. He has a/an ______ face with a broad forehead. A. pointed B. high C. square D. humorous 23. When you have a close friend, you should _____ with his/her likes, joys, sadness… A. rumor B. gossip C. sympathy D. sympathize 24. Loyalty is the third important quality. A. weighty B. serious C. significant D. powerful 25. We think that a/an ______ is a person one simply knows. A. friend B. acquaintance C. relative D. colleague 26. An ideal friend shouldn’t be ______. A. loyal B. selfish C. faithful D. friendly 27. The local people are very ______ to strangers. A. comfortable B. hospitable C. enjoyable D. familiar 28. Children need a _______ environment. A. caring B. growing C. protecting D. setting 29. She is never completely _____in what she says about people. A. sincerely B. sincere C. real D. reality 30. Didn’t you notice anything ______ in his behavior. A. suspiciously B. suspicious C. suspicion D. suspect 31. He expressed his _____ at the news of her death. A. sorrow B. unhappy C. unpleasant D. uncomfortable 32. She has always remained ______ to her political principles. A. loyal B. loyalty C. faith D. faithfully 33. Claire has a wide circle of friends & _________. A. neighborhood B. acquaintances C. friendship D. relations 34. It is a village of ________ streets. A. crook B. crooking C. crooks D. crooked 35. I have nothing in _______ with Tim. 2 A. together B. common C. commonly D. altogether IV. Rewrite the following sentences, using the cues given: 1. This radio needs to be repaired soon. ( have) ____________________________________________________ 2. The car is too expensive for him to buy.(afford) ____________________________________________________ 3. The robber came from the back door.(I could feel) ____________________________________________________ 4. Mark said that he didn’t want to meet his old form teacher again. (We overheard)__________________________________ 5. The policeman asked us to wear helmets when driving motorbikes. (make)_____________________________________ 6. The boy climbed up an apple tree in my garden. (I stood there & watched)___________________________________________ 7. Many workers have worked overtime during last month. The director has made __________________________________ 8. Maybe, Minh left the party early.(may have) ____________________________________________________ 9. We weren’t allowed to look at the materials while doing the test. (let) The supervisor didn’t let _________________________ Unit 2 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently the rests: 1. A. affect B. appreciate C. attitude D. acquaintance 2. A. confidence B. protect C. clock D. constancy 3. A. idol B. side C. brighten D. activity 4. A. treasure B. scream C. sneaky D. cheat 5. A. mice B. mint C. minor D. micro II. Fill in the blank with the suitable word/word phrase from the box & make change if necessary: 1. My most ____________ ____________ happened a few years ago, when I was a grade 9 student. 2. Nowadays, teenagers always love & imitate their own _________ in different ways. 3. Her father said: “You’d better buy a helmet to wear instead of A _______ hat, Dear” 4. Jane has never ___________whatever happens to her. 5. I wish I had _________ to buy a new computer. 6. Have you ever __________ living in a luxurious building? 7. The teacher says: “You will be subtracted marks if you ______ at your classmate’s test.” 8. She always feels ____________ when being checked the old. 9. The girl wished to have a __________when she was a grade 9. 10. We don’t like the look of that boy. There is something _____ about him. 11. After being seriously ill, you will __________ your health more. 12. We think that family is more _________ than things. 13. Have you ever _______ English to a native speaker? 14. Failing that final exam _______ me a lesson & made me study harder. 15. He was an impolite boy. He left the house ______ saying a word. Embarrassing, appreciate, imagine, without, red hat, a wad of dollar notes, floppy, speak, glance, experience, make a fuss, sneaky, idols, teach, important, unforgettable II. Put the verbs in parentheses in the correct verb tense: past simple or past progressive: 1. He (sit) ________ on the river bank fishing when he (see) ________ a man’s hat floating down the river. 2. It(snow)__________ heavily when he(wake)__________ up. 3. When I(reach) ____________ the street I (realize)__________ that I(not know)___________the number of Tom’s house. 4. I (look)___________ through the class window. A geometry lesson(go) __________ on. The teacher (draw)____________ diagrams on the blackboard. 3 5. I(meet)____________ Paul at the university. We(be)________ both in the same year. He(study)_____________ law, but he (spend)___________ most of his time practicing the violin. 6. ‘What (you do)___________between 9.00 and 10.00 yesterday?’ (say)___________ the detective. ‘I (clean)_________my house, said Mrs. Jones. ‘I always clean my house on Saturday on Saturday mornings.’ 7. The dentist’s waiting room was full of people. Some(read) _________ magazines, others just(turn)___________ over the pages. A woman(knit)____________, a child(play)_______ with a toy car. 8. While I(try)_________ to get my car started, a passing car (stop) ___________ and the driver (offer)____________ to help. 9. Nick (lie)___________ down on the grass for a while, next to some tourists who (feed)____________ the ducks on the pond. 10. Mary(not wear)______________ her glasses at the time, so she(not see)_________________what color the man’s T-shirt (be)__________. 11. While Diana (watch)______________ her favorite television program, there(be)_________ a power cut. 12. Who (drive)___________ the car at the time of the accident? 13. I(do)____________ some shopping yesterday when I saw your friend. 14. What exactly (you do)_______________ when I came to your office yesterday? 15. Sorry, I (not answer)____________ the phone. I (have) ___________a shower. 16. Helen(feel)___________ very tired, and when she (finish) ____________her work, she (fall)___________ asleep. III. Put the verbs in parentheses in the correct verb tense: past simple or past perfect: 1. I(not see)______________ the film last night because I (see) ____________it several times before. 2. Last night, she spent hours on the homework but she(cannot) ___________do it although the teacher (explain)_____________ it very carefully in class. 3. I suddenly remembered that I (forget)__________ my keys. 4. By the time Sheila (get)__________ back, Chris (go)________ home. 5. David(eat)____________ Japanese food before, so she (know) __________ what to order. 6. Mary(miss)___________ the party because no one (tell) _____________ her about it. 7. Sally (not go)____________ to a football match before. 8. As Peter(walk)___________ home, she tried to remember what (happen)_____________. 9. By the time I (arrive)____________ the station, The train (already leave)_____________. 10. The rule (come)___________ into being right after our president (declare)____________ the nation’s independence. IV. Circle the best answer: 1. Have you ever _______ English to a native speaker? A. speak B. spoke C. speaking D. spoken 2. That _______ taught me a lesson & make me study harder. A. way B. letter C. experience D. lake 3. Nam was in an/a ________ situation and he couldn’t answer my questions correctly. A. sneaky B. fuss C. embarrassing D. different 4. Peter is very shy. He doesn’t dare to look at his girlfriends. He just ____ at them. A. makes B. glances C. screams D. stares 5. The synonym of “secretive” is _______. A. memorable B. native C. floppy D. sneaky 6. My Tam is a very famous singer. She sings well. She is very beautiful. She is my _______. A. friend B. acquaintance C. idol D. friendship 7. Remember to buy some ______ disks for me when you go shopping. A. note B. floppy C. open D. serious 8. I don’t like to make friends with people who often _________. A. do a fuss B. make a fuss C. love their country D. make their country 9. That policeman ________ us to come home safely. A. protected B. affected C. appreciated D. complained 10. They ______ and promised to keep in touch. A. embrace B. embraced C. glanced D. glance 11. It is a truly ______ occasion. A. memorable B. memory C. memorably D. memorized 12. That was a _______ trick. A. sneaky B. sneaked C. sneakily D. sneak 4 13. My ______ view is that the students should be doing more work outside the classroom. A. person B. personal C. personable: D. personably 14. How did the experience _______ you? – It ______ me more careful. A. affected/makes B. affect/made C. affected/made D. affected/had made 15. The fire took many things ______ me. A. in B. on C. about D. from V Rewrite the following sentences, using the cues given: 1. These animals moved toward us. We felt ______________________________________________ 2. After having lunch in this restaurant, he came home. Before he ____________________________________________ 3. The boy was made to do heavy things. They made ___________________________________________ 4. I haven’t met him for ten years. It is ten years since ____________________________________ 5. Children weren’t allowed to smoke & drink at school. The principal didn’t ____________________________________ 6. The teacher allowed her students to discuss about fashion. The teacher let ________________________________________ 7. On arrival at the airport, I saw that wanted man. When________________________________________________ 8. Thank you for showing me the way. It was very kind. It was very kind of _____________________________________ 9. Before sitting down, the stewardess had served lunch for passengers. After ______________________________________ 10. I am going to celebrate a party at a restaurant. I am going to have a party _______________________________ VI. Underline the mistakes & correct them: 1. Before he went to bed, he did his homework. 2. When I found my wallet, someone took the money out of it. 3. While I drove my car, I saw an accident. 4. When we came to the cinema, the film was shown for 15 minutes. 5. After Tom washed his clothes, he began to study. 6. We saw the baby cried loudly in that room. 7. The policeman made us not to drive too fast. 8. By the time I got back, Ha went home. 9. I heard them left the house early in the morning. 10. There are some exercises being done tonight. 11. We had lunch when we heard the news. 12. It is very interested in reading cartoons. 13. I have some reports typing tonight. 14. There is nothing new telling you now. 15. My most embarrassing experience happens to me 5 years ago. Unit 3 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently the rests: 1. A. root B. tool C. fool D. good 2. A. enrich B. expose C. engine D. express 3.A. orchard B. chaos C. chalk D. chore 4. A. enough B. cough C. rough D. through 5. A. machine B. warship C. parachute D. attach II. Circle the best answer: 1. Today, they are on their wedding ___________. A. decoration B. anniversary C. cake D. clothes 2. How do people ________ New Year in your country? A. decorate B. joke C. celebrate D. blow out 5 3. People call the 50 th the “_______ anniversary.” A. diamond B. silver C. golden D. precious stone 4. After wishing, she blew out the ________ and cut the cake. A. presents B. drinks C. candles D. biscuits 5. My new house was ________ with pink & blue colours. A. beautiful decorated B. beautiful decorating C. beautifully decorated D. beautifully decorating 6. Where do you prefer to celebrate your birthday party, at home or in the ____? A. restaurant B. market C. prison D. street 7. At a birthday party, people often offer _______ for the host. A. flowers B. cards C. gifts D. all are correct 8. Many Americans over the age of 30 don’t like to joke about their ______. A. anniversary B. clothes C. friend D. age 9. A ____ is a person who enjoys going to parties or who is a _____ at a particular party. A. friend/guest B. party-goer/guest C. acquaintance/guest D. party-doer/guest 10. New Year’s _____ is 31rst December, especially the evening of that day. A. Occasion B. Party C. Eve D. Day 11. Tomorrow is your birthday. So you need to _____ your living room. A. celebrate B. decorate C. blow out D. gather 12. Christmas is a good _______ for the family gathering. A. party B. anniversary C. occasion D. way 13. The whole family were ________ together in the living room. A. gathered B. gather C. gathering D. organizing 14. A birthday party is a _______ to honour the birth of a person. A. celebrating B. celebration C. organization D. method 15. Please let me know your _______ by calling number 655726. A. decide B. decision C. thinking D. bring decided 16. Most married _______ in the United States celebrate their wedding anniversary each year. A. couple B. couples C. husbands D. wives 17. What is the ______ between Long and Nga? A. feeling B. relation C. relationship D. friend 18. The 25 th & 50 th wedding anniversaries are ________. A. strange B. special C. colorful D. nice 19. What ______ do you often have at your birthday party? A. actions B. acts C. active D. activities 20. People ______ gifts and cards from friends and relatives at both a birthday party and an anniversary one. A. bring B. buy C. take D. receive 21. We had to tidy up the mess after the party last night. A. clear B. clean up C. make up D. get up 22. Thank you very much for _______ me to your birthday party, A. invite B. being invited C. inviting D. to be invited 23. Most of the parties usually consist of _______ drinks and sweet food as well as savouries(mon an man) A. soft B. hard C. floppy D. poisonous 24. Adults’ parties are _____ in restaurants with delicious dishes. A. held B. organized C. celebrated D. all are correct 25. What food & drinks will ______ at the party? A. be invited B. be served C. be organized D. be cooked III. Use the right form of TO – INFINITIVE or GERUND: 1. I suggest (call)__________ an ambulance for the injured boy. 2. “My watch keeps (stop)_________”. That’s because you keep (forget)___________ (change)__________ the battery. 3. Have you finished (work)__________ on this project? 4. Is there anything here worth (buy)__________? 5. You have to avoid (drive)__________ in heavy traffic. 6. He has postponed (take)_________ the trip. 7. She pretended (not see)__________ me yesterday. 8. We are looking forward to (see)__________ you here. 6 9. Would you mind (lend)__________me $ 5? I need (buy) _______ a pen. 10. The headmaster doesn’t permit (smoke)_________ during the meetings. 11. An instructor is coming (show)_________ us how (use) _____ the machine. Unit 4: Volunteer I. Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others: 1. A. yield B. wheat C. wealth D. yeast 2. A. yearly B. wear C. dear D. fear 3. A. unit B. usual C. unique D. upon 4. A. issue B. minority C. childish D. brighten 5. A. donation B. remote C. cozy D. minority II. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence: 1. They went hiking in a ______ region. A. mountainous B. mountaineer C. mountains D. mountain 2. The work of the charity is funded by ______ donations. A. volunteer B. voluntary C. volunteered D. voluntarily 3. A _____ is a person who suffers very much or is killed because of their religious or political beliefs. A. invalid B. martyr C. volunteer D. handicapped 4. After war, there were 79 killed and 239 _______. A. injure B. wounded C. wounding D. injury 5. In the final game, Sweden easily _____ France. A. overcame B. got over C. defeated D. all are correct 6. The accident left him physically ______. A. handicapped B. voluntarily C. comfortable D. remote 7. That millionaire ____ offered the poor in our village 500,000 dollars. A. volunteered B. voluntary C. voluntarily D. volunteer 8. The Southeast Asian countries suffered from a financial _____ in 1990s. A. injure B. disaster C. remote 9. We often take _____ in helping people in _____ areas. A. part/mountain B. way/ mountaining C. part/mountainous D. rule/mountaineer 10. During summer vacations, students______ to work in remote areas. A. volunteer B. voluntary C. volunteers D. voluntarily 11. ______ are places where the orphan are taken care of. A. hospitals B. orphanages C. homes D. clubs 12. The organization for boys who no longer have fathers is named ____. A. sisters B. big sisters C. volunteer D. big brothers 13. Shy people often find it difficult to ____ group discussions. A. take place in B. participate in C. get on with D. get in 14. It’s important for children to get a good ______. A. educate B. education C. educator D. educational 15. He has smoked for more than 20 years, and eventually he ___ from a lung cancer now. A. suffers B. takes C. participates D. enters Give the correct form of the verbs 1. It is easy (see) animals on the road in daylight. 2. I asked him (explain) but he refused (say) any thing. 3. It is pleasant (sit) by the fire at night. 4. There was no way of (get) out of the building except by (climb) down a rope. 5. It’s no good (write) to him; he never answers letters. 6. Ask him (come) in. Don’t keep him (stand) at the door. 7. The missing children were last seen ………….(play) near the river. 8. ……………(complete) the book, he had a holiday. 9. …………….(find) only in the Andes, the plant is used by local people to treat skin diseases. 10. Do something! Don’t just sit there …………(do) nothing. 11. ……………(look) down from the hill, the town spread out before us towards the coast. 12. Marta doesn’t like to have her picture taken. She avoids ……….(photograph). 13. …………….(photocopy) all the papers, Sarah put them back in the file. 14. Life must be unpleasant for people …………(live) near busy airports. 15…………… (park) the car about a kilometer from the stadium, I walked the rest of the way. 7 Rewrite the sentences beginning with an appropriate participle (present, past or perfect). 1. When she saw the dog coming towards her, she quickly crossed the road. 2. If it is looked after carefully, the plant can live through the winter. 3. As I don’t have a credit card, I found it difficult to book an airline ticket over the phone. 4. Keith spent a lot of time filling in job application forms because he was unemployed. 5. Because I was walking quickly, I soon caught up with her. 6. The house was built of wood, so it was clearly a fire risk. 7. I was eager to catch the bus in good time because I had been told off the day before for arriving late. 8. She didn’t know where the theater was, so she asked for directions at the hotel reception. 9. As she was a nurse, she knew what to do after the accident. 10. He had spent his childhood in Oslo so he knew the city well. 11. The fruit was expensive because it was imported. 12. We have spent nearly all our money so we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel. 13. As we didn’t want to offend him, we said nothing about his paintings. 14. Although James is known mainly as a writer of novel, he has now written a successful biography. 15. Although it had been hunted close to extinction, the rhino is once again common in this area. Unit 6: Competitions I. Fill in the blanks with the words given from the box: 1. He was the Queen’s _______________ at the ceremony. 2. Do you know the _____________ rainfall of this year? 3. To ____________ is to make something develop or become more active or to encourage something. 4. Are you willing to enter that ______________? 5. The engine was running ______________. 6. Your form of application was _____________ approved by the general Manager. 7. Although the team lost, they played with tremendous ___________ 8. ____________ is track and field sports that people compete in, such as running and jumping. 9. It is such a ___________ knowledge quiz. 10. A ____________ is an activity or a piece of work that lasts a long time and requires a lot of effort and patience. 11. She was _____________ not to be chosen in that English Speaking Competition. 12. A ______________ is a piece of glass in a window. 13. They hold a ______________for the leadership of the party 14. The race organizers are trying to attract _____________. 15. He is very good at the techniques of _____________ in stone. Competition, stimulate, formally, smoothly, spirit, athletics , general, windowpane, sculpture, sponsors, marathon, disappointed, representative, annual, contest, II. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence: 1. The workers have made ________ to the boss but he doesn’t seem to be listening. A. represents B. representations C. representative D. representing 2. They worked hard together, ____ and under pressure. A. compete B. competitive C. competitively D. competition 3. How many _______ are there in the competition? A. participates B. participants C. participations D. participative 4. To participate ______ the contest, you must be under 25 years old. A. for B. at C. in D. about 5. How many contestants were there in all? A. as a total B. as a result C. as respected D. as usual 6. The transition from school to work does not happen smoothly to everybody. A. without difficulties B. full of troubles C. with problems D. plenty of challenges 7. When someone ______ a poem or other piece of writing, they say it aloud after have learned it. A. recites B. takes part in C. completes D. competes 8. The role of scientists is to observe and describe the world. A. obey B. determine C. watch D. keep 9. What was the _______ of the match? – Three goals to nil A. representation B. participation C. member D. score 8 10. Next month, the students of our country will take part in a severe _______ for university places. A. performance B. competition C. activity D. completion 11. He is learning very hard b/c his aim _______ Cambridge University. A. to enter B. is to enter C. entering D. for entering 12. ______ the game, you should try your best. A. Winning B. To win C. As winning D. If winning 13. What do you think of Singing ______? It’s wonderful. It makes me happy. A. Quiz B. Contest C. Poetry D. Sculpture 14. The ______ of three classes of my school took part in the annual English Competition. A. sponsors B. judges C. Sts’ Parents Society D. representatives 15. “Encourage or make something more active” means ______. A. to choose B. choose C. to stimulate D. stimulate 16. The ______ will observe and score students’ performance. A. teachers B. learners C. competitors D. judges 17. Losing the competition made them very ________. A. happy B. maximum. C. disappointedD. disappointing 18. The aim of the competition was to _____ the spirit of learning English among students. A. stimulate B. sponsor C. award D. observe 19. Carol was ______ the first prize in the essay competition. A. disappointed B. completed C. excited D. awarded 20. In tonight’s quiz, our contestants have come from all over the country. A. losers B. judges C. competitors D. winners III. Complete the following sentences in the reported speech: 1. The tourist guide said; “Don’t walk alone in the street alone at night.” The tourist guide warned against ___________________________ 2. “I can’t go to your birthday party next Saturday evening, Jack” Mary said. Mary apologized for ______________________________ 3. The manager said to the workers; “you have done excellent work this month.” The manager congratulated the workers on ________________ 4. “I always want to run my own business”, she said to me She told me that she dreamed of _______________________________ 5. “You told a lie, Tom”, she said, She accused Tom of ________________________________________ 6. “I’m sorry I’ m late.” Said Peter Peter apologized for ________________________________________ 7. “Shall we have dinner somewhere after the theatre?” said Philip Philip suggested ___________________________________________ 8. “I’m sorry I stole your car, Mrs. Young.” Mark admitted ____________________________________________ 9. “I didn’t break the windows,” Bill denied _______________________________________________ 10. “Why don’t we go somewhere for a drink?” Jack suggested _____________________________________________ 11. “I feel like seeing you soon, Susan,” said her mother Susan’s mother looked forward to _____________________________ 12. “People have a right to say what they think”, she said She said we couldn’t stop people (from)_________________________ 13. Mary said; “Let’s go to a movie.” Mary suggested ___________________________________________ 14. “You can’t run out of the garden,” Mr. Kelly said to the children Mr. Kelly prevented the children ______________________________ 15. “I hear you passed your driving test. Congratulations!” Jane said to them. Jane congratulated them on ______________________________ 16. “I’ll take you to the airport. I insist”, Tom said to Rosa Tom insisted on ___________________________________________ 17. “Let me meet your sister, David” 9 Ben insisted on ___________________________________________ IV. Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others: 1. A. two B. twenty C. twist D. twice 2. A. competition B. competitor C. contest D. question 3. A. twinkle B. twelve C. twin D. twofold 4. A. sponsored B. answered C. enjoyed D. completed 5. A. smoothly B. three C. enthusiasm D. think 6. A. annual B. traffic C. athletic D. achieve 7. A. dread B. to read C. dream D. mean 8. A. part B. start C. star D. award 9. A. stimulate B. annual C. runner D. accuse V. Complete the following sentences in the reported speech: 1. “You mustn’t come out of this shop now.” The policeman stopped the customer ___________________________ 2. “I’ll certainly buy this chain for you, Linda.” Henry were thinking _______________________________________ 3. “I wasn’t here yesterday.” Mark denied ______________________________________________ 4. “It was very nice of you to give me your dress, Mary.” Lan thanked ______________________________________________ 5. “I caused this accident two weeks ago.” John admitted _____________________________________________ 6. “Well done, Jerry. You’ve passed the driving test.” We congratulated __________________________________________ 7. “I’m really sorry for being late again.”, said Ann Ann ____________________________________________________ 8. “How about spending the day at the beach?”. Said Tom Tom ____________________________________________________ 9. “No, I didn’t take it! I wasn’t even there!” said Daisy Daisy ___________________________________________________ 10. “Please let me meet your manager, Miss Trang.” Mr. Green insisted _________________________________________ 11. “I can’t let you open your book now.” The teacher prevented us ____________________________________ 12. “I’ve always wanted to travel to China.” Hung has always dreamed ___________________________________ 13. “I’m sorry I told Lan your secret, Peter.” Hoa apologized ___________________________________________ 14. “Jane, You didn’t carry this project as you promised” Jane’s boss accused _________________________________________ 15. “Don’t talk about what you heard yesterday, mark.” Katty warned _________against _______________________________ 16. “You mustn’t enter the museum at nights.” The protector stopped the visitors ______________________________ 17. “Why don’t we go camping this weekend?” Henry suggested ___________________________________________ 18. “I broke your precious vase, George.” Daisy admitted ____________________________________________ 19. “I feel like visiting Da Lat again.” Diana looked forward ______________________________________ 20. “I will take you to the zoo now.” Phillip insisted ____________________________________________ Write the following sentences in Reported Speech. 1. “You had better go to the doctor”. He urged me 2 “You’ve got to lend me some money!” He begged me 10 […]… classes in -( 33) – Dance, theatre, singing and folk music classes were set up a year later Children from these classes participate in fundraising performances Spring School requires -( 34) – to help organise their fundraising dinner held annually in June 31 A 13 B 30 C 33 D 23 32 A 1 B 5 C 3 D 9 33 A 19 88 B 19 89 C 19 98 D 19 99 34 A students B singers C souvenirs D volunteers WRITING: (1, 5 ms) Rewrite… help, Mr Smith.” 17 → Sue thanked 40 “It true I killed the man.” → He admitted THE END! GOOD LUCK TO YOU! 18 CLASS: 11 C NAME: ………………………………………  MARKS READING: (1, 25 ms) Saturday, November 19 th, 2 011 ONE PERIOD TEST 2 TEACHER’S REMARKS Read the passage carefully and answer the questions below: Along with jogging and swimming, cycling is one of the best all-round forms… everyone tries to be nice and polite _ others 9 Lunar New Year usually falls sometime _ 19 January and 20 February _ the Western calendar 10 Both children and adults take part _ games and various forms of entertainment Saturday, November 19 th, 2 011 ONE PERIOD TEST 2 CLASS: 11 C NAME: …………………………………… LISTENING: (1, 0 m) You will hear a talk about Spring School Listen and filling the missing information… later Children from these classes participate in fundraising performances Spring School requires -( 4) – to help organise their fundraising dinner held annually in June 1 A 13 B 30 C 33 D 23 2 A 1 B 5 C 3 D 9 3 A 19 88 B 19 89 C 19 98 D 19 99 4 A students B singers C souvenirs D volunteers PRONUNCIATION: (1, 0 m) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest 5 A who B wheel… with her reading ability, 9 Hardly _ turn up to the meeting 10 I am not going to the party because I’ve got _ to wear 11 I thought I heard _ knocking at the door 12 _ calls her Maggie, but her real name’s Margaret 13 The earthquake destroyed _ within a 25-mile radius 14 There was complete silence in the room _ said _ 15 Sarah was upset about _ and refused to talk to _ IV Complete… million 8 All the furniture _ (destroy) in the fire two10 days ago 9 Practically everyone _ (think) that Phil should be given the job 10 One of the reasons I took the job _ (be) that I could work from home 11 If anybody _ (want) to leave early, they can 14 12 Either the president or his representatives _ (be) to attend the meeting 13 It’s the first time either of us _ (be) to China,… IDENTIFICATION: (1, 0 m) Identify ONE mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it 9 I decided changing jobs because my boss makes me work overtime A B C D 10 Peter apologized for break the vase A B C D 11 I noticed a lorry to come down the hill 15 A B C D 12 I would like buying some earrings like yours A B C D GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY (4,25 ms) Choose the correct option 13 He… said (promise) 12 ‘Okay, I’ll collect David from school.’ Tom said (agree) 14 ‘Please stay with us for a few more days.’ Ha said to Thu (invite) 15 ‘I imagine I’ll see Olivia at the party.’ Peter said (hope) 16 ‘Can you lend me ten pounds?’ Hanh asked Hoa (ask) 17 ‘I’ll take my children into town.’ Huong said (promise) 18 ‘Don’t swim out too far, boys.’ The mother said to her sons (warn) 19 ‘Don’t forget… from the rest 10 A performance B remember C celebration D participate 11 A comfort B area C college D believe Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest 12 A visited B handicapped C decided D wanted 13 A who B wheel C whether D whale GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY (4,25 ms) Give the correct word form 14 How many (participate) are there in the competition? 15 My aunt lives… provides classes to disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City Around – (1) – street children live and study at the school and about 250 children with special difficulties from District -( 2) – regularly attend classes The Organisation for Educational Development co-operated with Spring School to set up English classes in -( 3) – Dance, theatre, singing and folk music classes were set up a year later . help, Mr. Smith.” 17 → Sue thanked 40. “It true. I killed the man.” → He admitted THE END! GOOD LUCK TO YOU! 18 CLASS: 11 C NAME: ……………………………………… Saturday, November 19 th , 2 011 ONE PERIOD TEST. annually in June. 1. A. 13 B. 30 C. 33 D. 23 2. A. 1 B. 5 C. 3 D. 9 3. A. 19 88 B. 19 89 C. 19 98 D. 19 99 4. A. students B. singers C. souvenirs D. volunteers PRONUNCIATION: (1, 0 m) Choose the word. morning. 10 . There are some exercises being done tonight. 11 . We had lunch when we heard the news. 12 . It is very interested in reading cartoons. 13 . I have some reports typing tonight. 14 . There

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