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Ngày đăng: 25/05/2015, 16:08

GIỚI TỪ CHỈ THỜI GIAN, NƠI CHỐN 1/ AT: Thời gian: – at 4 o’clock, at 5p.m, at 1a.m (giờ),- at night,- at Christmas, at Easter, at once (ngay lập tức) – at last (cuối cùng),- at the moment (bây giờ),- at present (bây giờ, ở hiện tại), – at weekends (vào những ngày cuối tuần) Nơi chốn: – at home,- at the theatre,- at the seaside, at the grocer’s, at the hairdresser’s, at the doctor’s,- at school – at the corner of the street,- at the top, at the bottom, at the foot of the page, at the beginning, at the end (of the lesson, ),,- at the shop,- (To arrive) at the airport, railway station, 2/ IN: Thời gian: _Năm: Ex: in 1980, in 1870, in 2000. _Tháng: Ex: in June, in May, in August. _ Mùa: Ex: in spring, in Summer, in winter, in Autumn. _ Buổi: (ngoại trừ AT NIGHT) Ex: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. _ IN TIME: đúng giờ. Ex: He came to the party in time. Nơi chốn: _ IN: (ở trong) Ex: + in the dining-room,+ in the box _IN: được dùng trước các thành phố, đất nước, miền, phương hướng, Ex: + in London, in Paris, in Hanoi,+ in Vietnam, in England, in French, + in the east, in the north _ IN THE STREET : trên đường _ IN MY OPINION : theo ý tôi _ IN GOOD WEATHER : trong thời tiết tốt _ IN (THE) NEWSPAPER : trong báo _ IN THE (a) MIDDLE OF (the room): ở giữa (phòng) _ IN ENGLISH, GERMAN, : bằng tiếng Anh, Đức, 3/ ON: Thời gian – dùng trước thứ, ngày tháng: on April 21, on Friday, on Christmas Day – dùng trong những cụm từ: on Sunday morning, on Saturday afternoon, on Friday night, on weekdays, on weekends – on time: đúng giờ, chính xác Ex: The film was shown on time. Nơi chốn ON: ở trên – on horseback: trên lưng ngựa – on TV trên truyền hình – on radio trên radio – on the beach trên bãi biển – on the left / on the right phía tay trái / tay phải – on the ground floor / on the first floor / on the second floor – on a farm trên nơng trại Prepositions Following Adjectives: •(Giới từ theo sau các tính từ) 1/ OF: ashamed of : xấu hổ về afraid of : sợ, e ngại aware of : nhận thức capable of: có khả năng fond of : thích full of : đầy 2/ TO: acceptable to : có thể chấp nhận accustomed to: quen với familiar to sb : quen thuộc đối với ai clear to : rõ ràng contrary to : trái với, đối lập equal to : tương đương với, bằng 3/ FOR: available for sth: có sẵn (cái gì ) available to sb : sẵn cho ai difficult for : khó late for : trễ dangerous for : nguy hiểm famous for : nổi tiếng independent of : độc lập proud of : tự hào jealous of: ghen tỵ với guilty of : phạm tội (về), có tội sick of : chán nản về grateful to sb : biết ơn ai harmful to sb (for sth): có hại cho ai (cho cái gì) important to : quan trọng likely to : có thể lucky to : may mắn next to : kế bên open to : mở pleasant to : hài lòng rude to : thô lỗ, cộc cằn similar to : giống, tượng tự useful to sb : có ích cho ai greedy for : tham lam necessary for : cần thiết perfect for : hoàn hảo suitable for : thích hợp sorry for : xin lỗi qualified for : có phẩm chất helpful/ useful for: có lợi, có ích good for : tốt cho grateful for sth.: biết ơn về việc convenient for : thuận lợi cho ready for sth : sẵn sàng cho việc gì responsible for sth: chòu trách nhiệm về việc gì. responsible to sb : có trách nhiệm với ai 4/ AT: good at : giỏi (về ) bad at : dở (về) clever at: khéo léo skillful at: khéo léo, có kỹ năng về quick at : nhanh amazed at: ngạc nhiên amused at: vui về excellent at: xuất sắc về present at : hiện diện surprised at : ngạc nhiên angry at sth.: giận về điều gì clumsy at : vụng về annoy at sth: khó chòu về điều gì 7/ ON: keen on : hăng hái về 5/ WITH: crowded with : đông đúc angry with : giận dữ friendly with : thân mật bored with : chán fed up with : chán busy with : bận familiar with : quen thuộc furious with : phẫn nộ pleased with : hài lòng popular with : phổ biến satisfied with : thoả mãn với contrasted with : tưởng phản với 8/ IN: interested in : thích, quan tâm (về ) rich in : giàu (về) successful in : thành công (về ) confident in sb : tin cậy vào ai 6/ ABOUT: confused about : bối rối (về ) excited about : hào hứng happy about : hạnh phúc, vui sad about : buồn serious about : nghiêm túc upset about : thất vọng worried about : lo lắng anxious about : lo lắng disappointed about sth : lo lắng về việc gì 9/ FROM: isolated from : bò cô lập absent from : vắng mặt (khỏi ) different from : khác far from : xa safe from : an toàn divorced from : ly dò, làm xa rời  Lưu ý : Sau giới từ ta thường dùng V-ing hoặc Noun 10/ Một số trường hợp cần lưu ý: – be tired of: chán. Ex: I’m tired of doing the same work everyday. Be tired from: mệt vì. I’m tired from walking for a long time. – Be grateful to sb for sth.: biết ơn ai về vấn đề gì. Ex: I’m grateful to you for your help. Be responsible to sb for sth.: chòu trách nhiệm với ai về việc gì. Ex: You have to be responsible to me for your actions. – Good/ bad for: tốt/ xấu cho ; good/ bad at: giỏi/ dở về Ex: Milk is good for health./ He is good at English. – Be kind/ nice to: tốt với ai – It’s kind/ nice of sb.: thật tốt. Ex: Mary is kind to me./ It’s very kind of you to help me. III) Prepositions following verbs/ Two-word verbs. Sau đây là một số giới từ theo sau các động từ thường gặp. EXERCISES I) Fill in the missing prepositions: 1. I shall meet you _____ the corner _____ the street. 2. I always come _____ school _____ foot. 3. It never snows here _____ Christmas. 4. The country looks beautiful _____ spring. 5. I can see you _____ Monday. 6. I live _____ the country, but she lives _____ the seaside. 7. Have you any money _____ you? 8. He always come _____ bus. 9. I don’t like getting up _____ the morning. 10. He had learned the whole poem _____ heart. 11. This book is _____ Dickens. 12. Is Miss Smith _____ home? 13. I have breakfast _____ 7:30 every morning. 14. Can you translate that _____ German? 15. My birthday is _____ May 5th. 16. My birthday is _____ the 5th. 17. They come _____ the room. 18. I like swimming _____ Summer. 19. We get a lot of rain _____ November. 20. He never comes _____ time for the class. 21. I’m very busy _____ present. 22. I have no time _____ the moment. 23. He was standing _____ the middle of the room. 24. Please write your name _____ the top of the page. 25. There is vocabulary _____ the end of the book. 26. I shall see her _____ the beginning of the week. 27. What would that be _____ German? 28. _____ my opinion, it is a very good book. 29. She is _____ the garden. 30. We are going _____ the theatre this evening. 31. The train arrives _____ Victoria station _____ 4: 30. 32. Please tell me _____ once. 33. I waited for half an hour, and _____ last the came. Apologize sb for sth. : xin lỗi ai vè một việc Admire sb. of sth.: khâm phục ai về một việc Belong to sb. : thuộc về ai Accuse sb. of sth: tố cáo ai về một việc Blame sb. for sth.: đỗ lỗi cho ai về một việc gì đó. Congratulate sb. on sth: chúc mừng ai về một việc. Thank sb for sth: cảm ơn ai về việc gì Differ from : khác với Introduce to sb : giới thiệu với ai Give up : từ bỏ Look at : nhìn vào Join in : tham gia vào Believe in : tin vào Escape from : thoát khỏi Look after : chăm sóc, trông nom Look for : tìm kiếm Look up : tra từ (trong tự điển) Look forward to : mong đợi Put on : mang vào, mặc vào Put off : hoãn lại Take off : cất cánh, tháo ra Stand for : tượng trưng Call off : huỷ bỏ, hoãn bỏ Object to sb/V-ing: phản đối ai/ việc gì Infer from : suy ra từ Insist on : khăng khăng Go on : tiếp tục Change into / turn into : hoá ra Translate into: dịch sang Arrive at (station, bus stop, airport ) > nơi nhỏ Arrive in (London, Paris, England ) > thành phố đất nước Approve of sth. To sb : đồng ý về việc gì với ai Participate in : tham gia Succeed in : thành công về Prevent sb from: ngăn ai Provide with : cung cấp Supply with : cung cấp Agree with : đồng ý với Beg for sth : van nài cho, xin Ask for : xin Borrow sth. From sb: mượn cái gì của ai. Depend on/ rely on : dựa vào, phụ thuộc vào Die of (a disease) : chết vì (một căn bệnh) Wait for sb : chờ ai 34. The book is _____ the table. 35. He is sitting _____ an armchair. 36. The picture is _____ the wall. 37. I put my hands _____ my pockets. 38. She is drinking _____ a cup. 39. She took ten shillings _____ her bag. 40. For the last few days I haven’t been able to sleep _____ night. 41. She always agree _____ everything he says. 42. Are you acquainted _____ the lady? 43. You will soon get accustomed _____ English cooking. 44. She is very angry _____ me. 45. I apologize _____ keeping you waiting. 46. The dog begged _____ a piece of cake. 47. Does this belong _____ you? 48. She is always borrow money _____ me. 49. My cat is very fond _____ fish. 50. I’m very grateful _____ her _____ her help. 51. The room was full _____ people. 52. I’m quiet different _____ her. 53. She insists _____ coming. 54. He is quiet incapable _____ such a thing. 55. I should like to be independent _____ everyone. 56. May I introduce you _____ Miss Brown? 57. I’m afraid _____ this dog. 58. Are you interested _____ literature? 59. She is very jealous _____ her sister. 60. Won’t you joint _____ the game? 61. Clean air provides us _____ a health supply of oxygen. 62. I’m very sorry _____ what I have dne. 63. His son succeeded _____ the throne. 64. My hat is quite similar _____ yours. 65. I’m tired _____ waiting for her. 66. I’m so worried _____ my sister who is ill. 67. It is very bad _____ you to eat so quickly. 68. I’m not good _____ tennis. 69. My birthday is _____ the first _____ the month. 70. This will come in very useful _____ her . 71. Out _____ sight, out _____ mind. 72. The sun rises _____ the east, and sets _____ the west. 73. Were your friends successful _____ getting a loan from the bank. 74. I’m sure the explanation in the book will be quite clear _____ you. 75. Miss White was upset _____ the news of her father’s death. 76. I’m not familiar _____ his name. 77. We were very grateful _____ our friends _____ all of their assistance. 78. Don’t you think you should try to be friendly _____ your classmates? 79. Mr Green is responsible _____ hiring employees. 80. That type of music is quite popular _____ teenage boys and girls. 81. My daily expenses are just about equal _____ my income. 82. Fred is capable _____ doing better work than he is doing at present. 83. We were very doubtful _____ his ability. 84. Ken was proud _____ his good marks on English. 85. My plan is similar _____ yours, but it is different _____ Ken’s. 86. Piere said he had become quite fond _____ American hamburgers. 87. We are still hopeful _____ hearing from our friends before Saturday. 88. That fashion magazine is full _____ advertising for women’s clothes. 89. This gloves aren’t very suitable _____ that kind of work. 90. They were happy _____ the results of the election. 91. It was certainly kind _____ you to help me. 92. Mrs. Brown is often worried _____ money. 93. Her parents are very pleased _____ her French. 94. I’m not interested _____ politics. 95. She was sad because he was rude _____ her. 96. She was angry _____ Tom. 97. Traveling by air is preferable _____ traveling by train. 98. Thank you. You are kind _____ me. 99. Everybody was surprised _____ the news. 100. I was delighted _____ the present you gave me. KEY 1. at – of 2. to – on 3. at 4. in 5. on 6. in – at 7. with 8. by 9. in 10. by 11. by 12. at 13. at 14. into 15. on 16. on 17. in / into 18. in 19. in 20. in / on 21. at 22. at 23. in 24. at 25. at 26. at 27. in 28. In 29. in 30. to 31. at – at 32. at 33. at 34. at 35. in 36. on 37. into / in 38. with 39. from 40. at 41. with 42. with 43. to 44. with 45. for 46. for 47. to 48. from 49. of 50. to – for 51. of 52. from 53. on 54. of 55. of 56. to 57. of 58. in 59. of 60. in 61. with 62. about 63. in 64. to 65. of 66. about 67. for 68. at 69. on – of 70. for 71. of – of 72. in – in 73. in 74. to 75. about 76. with 77. to – for 78. with 79. for 80. with 81. to 82. of 83. of 84. of 85. to – from 86. of 87. of 88. of 89. for 90. about 91. of 92. about 93. with 94. in 95. to 96. with 97. to 98. to 99. at 100. with . GIỚI TỪ CHỈ THỜI GIAN, NƠI CHỐN 1/ AT: Thời gian: – at 4 o’clock, at 5p.m, at 1a.m (giờ),- at night,- at Christmas, at. GOOD WEATHER : trong thời tiết tốt _ IN (THE) NEWSPAPER : trong báo _ IN THE (a) MIDDLE OF (the room): ở giữa (phòng) _ IN ENGLISH, GERMAN, : bằng tiếng Anh, Đức, 3/ ON: Thời gian – dùng trước. dùng trong những cụm từ: on Sunday morning, on Saturday afternoon, on Friday night, on weekdays, on weekends – on time: đúng giờ, chính xác Ex: The film was shown on time. Nơi chốn ON: ở trên –

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