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REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE SECOND SENTENCE HAS THE SAME MEANING AS THE FIRST ONE No.2 1. Attendances at the exhibition have been down this year. The exhibition_________________________________________________________ 2. I never miss out on a cup of coffee when I visit her flat. She_________________________________________________________________ 3. If we wait long enough we’ll get what we want. It’s just______________________________________________________________ 4. The brochure gives hardly any useful information. Precious_____________________________________________________________ 5. Trudy was quite relieved when she found out the truth. It was something_______________________________________________________ 6. What put me off the idea was simply how expensive it was going to be. The sheer_____________________________________________________________ 7. The government shouldn’t let this situation get worse. This state_____________________________________________________________ 8. We were all shocked by his reaction. His reaction came______________________________________________________ 9. The fund-raisers have not officially decided when to organize the next gala. No __________________________________________________________________ 10. Birth rates have fallen sharply recently. There ________________________________________________________________ 11. I have little confidence that he will be able to pass the examination. I have serious_________________________________________________________ 12. At night, my grandma would always keep her cat in for fear it would get run over. At night my grandma’s cat used never______________________________________ 13. It’s pointless to try and make him change his mind. It’s a waste___________________________________________________________ 14. He is the competitor most likely to win the race. No one_______________________________________________________________ 15. The final date of the games is still undecided, according to the committee. The committee_________________________________________________________ 16. The director is almost certain to turn down your proposal. I doubt very much______________________________________________________ 17. We have nearly reached the deadline for this job! Time ________________________________________________________________ 18. Traditional crafts have died out except in remote rural areas. It is_________________________________________________________________ 19. Eighteen people came although we had expected only sixteen. Two extra_____________________________________________________________ 20. You must pay taxes or go to prison. Failing _______________________________________________________________ 21. There is no danger that you will fall from the verandah. There is no danger of____________________________________________________ 22. Yogurt is supposed to be good for you. Yogurt is supposed to do_________________________________________________ 23. I wonder why you haven’t done this homework. This homework________________________________________________________ 24. I would rather not think about it. That’s________________________________________________________________ 25. There was so much uncertainty that the financial markets remained closed. Such ________________________________________________________________ 1 | P a g e 26. You’re under no obligation to accept their offer. You can please_________________________________________________________ 27. He felt too ill to get up. He did not____________________________________________________________ 28. He told me my request was unreasonable. He said, “You can hardly________________________________________________“ 29. I was exasperated when the appointment was cancelled once again. Imagine _____________________________________________________________ 30. You won’t reach the station in less than twenty minutes. It will take____________________________________________________________ 31. I didn’t hear the news until the next day. It was not____________________________________________________________ 32. If he hadn’t contributed generously, we wouldn’t have continued our work. But _________________________________________________________________ 33. As he grew older, he became more and more forgetful. The _________________________________________________________________ 34. Although he was very tired, he agreed to play tennis. Tired ________________________________________________________________ 35. “I never told anyone about your scheme,” she said. She denied____________________________________________________________ 36. Although it rained torrentially all day, we all enjoyed the excursion. Despite ______________________________________________________________ 37. Without your sound advice, I would never have made a good investment. If it hadn’t____________________________________________________________ 38. Experts think that all dogs evolved from wolves. All dogs______________________________________________________________ 39. I must have my suit cleaned before the interview. My suit needs _________________________________________________________ 40. The play is so popular that the theater is likely to be full every night. Such is_______________________________________________________________ 41. I shall never lend Robert any money, no matter what happens. Under no_____________________________________________________________ 42. We were very impressed by the new cinema but found it rather expensive. Impressed ____________________________________________________________ 43. The doctor advised him against taking a holiday in a tropical country. The doctor’s___________________________________________________________ 44. It’s more than a fortnight since anyone saw Julian. Julian was____________________________________________________________ 45. My uncle’s generosity enabled us to go on a Mediterranean cruise. Thanks ______________________________________________________________ 46. Mrs. Wilson says she’s sorry she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday morning. Mrs. Wilson sends______________________________________________________ 47. Richard only took over the family business because his father decided to retire early. But for his____________________________________________________________ 48. Only the managing director and the chief chemist know the details. Knowledge____________________________________________________________ 49. He threatened the officers with violence. He made______________________________________________________________ 50. It is difficult to know what one’s reaction would have been in such a situation. If I__________________________________________________________________ 51. It’s not common for there to be so much rain in March. Seldom_______________________________________________________________ 2 | P a g e 52. The decorators have finished the whole of the first floor. We have______________________________________________________________ 53. Tell me, Cindy, what were you actually doing when the lightning struck? I asked_______________________________________________________________ 54. The children are in disgrace for being so badly behaved. The children are under___________________________________________________ 55. My car has never broken down on a motorway before. I’ve never had my car___________________________________________________ 56. Her hobby is one thing that she does not intend to give up. She has______________________________________________________________ 57. Freak weather conditions resulted in the hurricane which devastated the area. The hurricane which devastated the area____________________________________ 58. The authorities failed to provide adequate warning, which has caused considerable concern. Considerable concern____________________________________________________ 59. The restoration of communications and essential services is prime importance for the council. The first______________________________________________________________ 60. The storm completely wiped out all my crops. I’ve_________________________________________________________________ 61. They believe the students were educated in Canada. The students__________________________________________________________ 62. “Why don’t you take a day off,” said Jim. Jim suggested_________________________________________________________ 63. He delayed writing the book until he had done a lot of research. Only_________________________________________________________________ 64. It was Sir Walter Raleigh who introduced potatoes and tobacco into England. The English owe________________________________________________________ 65. It was such a boring film that we left before the end. The film______________________________________________________________ 66. I don’t really like her, even though I admire her achievements. Much________________________________________________________________ 67. Is this the only way to reach the city center? Isn’t there___________________________________________________________? 68. I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I apologize____________________________________________________________ 69. The garden still needs digging. The garden hasn’t______________________________________________________ 70. I’m sure it wasn’t Mrs. Elton you saw because she’s in Bristol. It can’t_______________________________________________________________ 71. We couldn’t drive because of the fog. The fog prevented______________________________________________________ 72. He prefers golf to tennis. He’d rather____________________________________________________________ 73. You might fall if you’re not careful. Be careful_____________________________________________________________ 74. Is it essential to meet your aunt at the station? Does your aunt________________________________________________________? 75. “I don’t think John will come,” said Bill. Bill doubted___________________________________________________________ 76. Customs officials are stopping more travelers than usual this week. An increased__________________________________________________________ 77. Although I tried hard, I couldn’t lift the suitcase. Try__________________________________________________________________ 3 | P a g e 78. The number of people who attended the fair exceeded our expectation. More people___________________________________________________________ 79. Please don’t turn on the radio. I’d rather you__________________________________________________________ 80. Everyone believed that the house had been sold. The house____________________________________________________________ 81. It was only when I got home that I realized I’d forgotten my bag. Not until______________________________________________________________ 82. I have no idea who Sarah is going out with. Who_________________________________________________________________ 83. If anyone can eat this, they must be desperate. Anyone_______________________________________________________________ 84. I’m sorry now that I didn’t tell you the truth. Now I regret__________________________________________________________ 85. Gary is proud of the fact that he is never late. Gary prides___________________________________________________________ 86. An electrical failure was said to be the cause of the fire. They blamed__________________________________________________________ 87. By chance I was there when she revealed the truth. I happened____________________________________________________________ 88. He suddenly thought that he might have misunderstood her. It crossed_____________________________________________________________ 89. I didn’t want to buy it, but because he insisted, I bought it. He pushed____________________________________________________________ 90. I met some old friends by chance in the pub. I bumped_____________________________________________________________ 91. I need an early night. I could_______________________________________________________________ 92. I really need a holiday. I’m desperate_________________________________________________________ 93. People are persuaded by adverts to spend more than they can afford. Adverts tempt_________________________________________________________ 94. She doesn’t think very highly of politicians. She’s got a____________________________________________________________ 95. She fully understands that she will have to work hard. She’s well_____________________________________________________________ 96. It’s because he was reprimanded that he is feeling so upset. If ___________________________________________________________________ 97. You should admit that you’re to blame, not try to conceal it. I’d rather_____________________________________________________________ 98. The realization that I had been swindled came late. Only_________________________________________________________________ 99. The police are advising vigilance as there have been more robberies lately. Due to_______________________________________________________________ 100. It is fairly unlikely that he will be convicted of the offence. There_______________________________________________________________ 101. I’m sorry that my story sounded so unconvincing. I wish______________________________________________________________ 102. His chances of qualifying as a doctor are small. It is not_____________________________________________________________ 103. I only found out about my exam results when I returned from my holiday. Not until_____________________________________________________________ 4 | P a g e 104. I live in Edinburgh. You went there last week, but you didn’t visit me. You ought___________________________________________________________ 105. My sister offered me a lift, so it wasn’t necessary for me to call a taxi. As my sister offered me a lift, I___________________________________________ 106. If you drink coffee too quickly, it can give you hiccups. Drunk_______________________________________________________________ 107. I was utterly amazed at his total indifference to what people thought of him. To my_______________________________________________________________ 108. We put iron bars over the windows to prevent thieves from getting into the house. To make it___________________________________________________________ 109. Elizabeth was shocked very much when she heard the news. It came_____________________________________________________________ 110. Millions of birds are dying unnecessarily, and that’s tragic. What is_____________________________________________________________ 111. There was a shout from the back of the hall as soon as she began to speak. Hardly ______________________________________________________________ 112. Sitting there watching the rain fall was the only thing I could do. There was___________________________________________________________ 113. It doesn’t matter how well you play the piano as long as you enjoy yourself. That you_____________________________________________________________ 114. The sauce was added to improve the taste but in fact it ruined the meal. So far_______________________________________________________________ 115. What a pity you’ve wasted all day hanging about! You should___________________________________________________________ 116. You must concentrate on your work. You must apply_______________________________________________________ 117. I only realized the full implications of what had happened some time later. It wasn’t____________________________________________________________ 118. If you weren’t born in this country, you cannot vote in the selection. Not ________________________________________________________________ 119. You can be highly intelligent but not have much common sense. Having______________________________________________________________ 120. I won’t change my mind about it, whatever happens. Come _______________________________________________________________ 121. If Anthony continues to break the law, he will get to trouble. If Anthony persists____________________________________________________ 122. As far as I know, there is no reason for him to be so sad. To the______________________________________________________________ 123. The idea no longer interests her. She has_____________________________________________________________ 124. I was greatly relieved to hear that her condition was not serious. It was with__________________________________________________________ 125. If anyone succeeds in solving the problem, it will probably be him. He is the most________________________________________________________ 126. I’d say it was impossible that Marconi invented the television. The television couldn’t_________________________________________________ 127. You must submit articles for the magazine by June 18 th . The final date_________________________________________________________ 128. Martin may not be very well but he still manages to enjoy life. Martine’s poor________________________________________________________ 129. It is not certain that John will get the job. It is open____________________________________________________________ 5 | P a g e 130. If I could work in the media, that’s what I would like to do. If I had_____________________________________________________________ 131. It has always been her ambition top write a successful novel. She has_____________________________________________________________ 132. Without tourism, this area wouldn’t have much income. This area____________________________________________________________ 133. Why are you against inviting Jackie to the party? What’s your__________________________________________________________ 134. Tony demanded to complain to the hotel manager personally. Tony insisted_________________________________________________________ 135. I was going to leave, but because of what she said, I didn’t. She persuaded________________________________________________________ 136. I didn’t know why people are attracted to spending all day on the beach. I can’t see the________________________________________________________ 137. You’d better take a vote if you can’t reach the consensus. Should you___________________________________________________________ 138. The boy wasn’t allowed to have any friends, so he became an introvert. Deprived____________________________________________________________ 139. Local volunteers tried to avert the catastrophe, but failed. In vain______________________________________________________________ 140. What you do with the money is of no interest to me. I don’t______________________________________________________________ 141. Travelers consider themselves superior to those who lead a more sedentary life. Travelers look________________________________________________________ 142. If anyone succeeds in solving the problem, it will probably be him. He is the most________________________________________________________ 143. He met Jane, who he later married, when he was in London. He met Jane, who was__________________________________________________ 144. I was very annoyed by his refusal to listen to reason. What_______________________________________________________________ 145. The company have been reviewing their recruitment policy for the last three months. The company’s recruitment policy has_____________________________________ 146. The comedian soon made everyone in the audience laugh. The comedian soon caused______________________________________________ 147. Starting smoking was a big mistake. I wish______________________________________________________________ 148. It is thought that the Prime Minister is considering raising taxes. The Prime Minister____________________________________________________ 149. Next Saturday is our tenth wedding anniversary. We will______________________________________________________________ 150. “I think you ought to see a doctor,” he said. He suggests__________________________________________________________ 151. The news of the merger came as a complete surprise to the workers. The workers were_____________________________________________________ 152. He was amazed to find that the shops were all closed. Much_______________________________________________________________ 153. Shall we go out to eat tonight? Why________________________________________________________________ 154. The boss didn’t allow me to stop working, or else I would have gone with you? Had________________________________________________________________ 155. I would rather play tennis than watch TV. I prefer_____________________________________________________________ 6 | P a g e 156. “Please don’t drive so fast!” she begged her boyfriend. She pleaded__________________________________________________________ 157. The noise next door did not stop until after midnight. It was not___________________________________________________________ 158. You can right this number whenever there is any difficulty. Should _____________________________________________________________ 159. I wouldn’t be the winner now unless you had helped me. But_________________________________________________________________ 160. The attack was so sudden that we had no time to escape. Such________________________________________________________________ 161. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the beginning of the year. They________________________________________________________________ 162. His behavior is beginning to annoy me more and more. I am beginning_______________________________________________________ 163. I only heard her husband’s side of the story when I met him in France. It was only___________________________________________________________ 164. “I’m in a bit of hurry, but I’ll ring you tomorrow,” he said. He said he was________________________________________________________ 165. I find it surprising that she didn’t like her present. I would_____________________________________________________________ 166. Most of the students ignored what the teacher was saying. Few________________________________________________________________ 167. She discovered eight new comets in the course of her work. Her work resulted_____________________________________________________ 168. I am not to blame for your financial problem. You can’t hold________________________________________________________ 169. I won’t change my mind about this, whatever happens. Come_______________________________________________________________ 170. The audience didn’t enjoy his performance. His performance did not go______________________________________________ 171. She was definitely displeased when I told her. She was anything_____________________________________________________ 172. We only came to this restaurant because you insisted that we did so. It was at____________________________________________________________ 173. Brenda doesn’t get on with her next-door neighbor any more. Brenda has___________________________________________________________ 174. There is no justification for your behavior. Your behavior is quite__________________________________________________ 175. There was so much uncertainty that the financial markets remained closed. Such________________________________________________________________ 176. Press photographers are banned fro taking photographs backstage. On no_______________________________________________________________ 177. I’ll sort this problem out for you. Leave it_____________________________________________________________ 178. I really like her voice but not her choice of songs. Much_______________________________________________________________ 179. You think that fat people are always jolly, but you are wrong. Contrary_____________________________________________________________ 180. This pudding can be cooked in its tin. You don’t____________________________________________________________ 181. Thanks to his aunt’s legacy of $10,000 he was able to buy the house he wanted. Had his______________________________________________________________ 7 | P a g e 182. The only thing that kept us out of prison was the way he spoke the local dialect. But for his command___________________________________________________ 183. Please check for damage before signing the delivery note. Don’t_______________________________________________________________ 184. We had to settle for a cheaper car than the one we wanted. We had to content_____________________________________________________ 185. It’s wasn’t clear to us at the time how serous the problem was. Little_______________________________________________________________ 186. Regarding payment, most major credit cards are acceptable. As far_______________________________________________________________ 187. He began to suffer from irrational fears. He fell______________________________________________________________ 188. This is our temporary office. For_________________________________________________________________ 189. They will stop off in France on their way to Germany. They’ll break_________________________________________________________ 190. Manchester United is very likely to play the Champions League final at Old Trafford. In all_______________________________________________________________ 191. She firmly believed Tom to be telling the truth. It__________________________________________________________________ 192. Should you persist in your defiance of instructions, disciplinary action will be taken. If you go____________________________________________________________ 193. At the moment people think the accident is Nick’s fault. Nick is currently______________________________________________________ 194. If you changed your mind, you’d be welcome to join us. Were you____________________________________________________________ 195. “I didn’t harm anybody!” cried the young man. The young man denied causing___________________________________________ 196. The accused was found guilty because the evidence was withheld. Had the evidence been_________________________________________________ 197. Although it’s fun being with her, I think she talks too much. Much as I____________________________________________________________ 198. All she does is sit in the office drinking coffee. She does____________________________________________________________ 199. My business partner and I are in complete agreement. There’s no difference___________________________________________________ 200. The villagers, though few in number, were incredibly friendly. What the villagers lacked_______________________________________________ 201. It was two years ago at the end of this week that I started working here. At the end___________________________________________________________ 202. I went to the zoo last year and that is where I saw a real tiger for the first time. Before I_____________________________________________________________ 203. The dress was so tempting that I bought it. I couldn’t resist the ___________________________________________________ 204. The passengers don’t realize how lucky they have been. Little_______________________________________________________________ 205. He didn’t bother to knock before he walked into the boss’s office. He walked into________________________________________________________ 206. It seems as if there is a slight deterioration in his physical condition. His physical condition__________________________________________________ 207. I didn’t know you were coming, so I didn’t wait for you. If__________________________________________________________________ 8 | P a g e 208. When I picked up my pen, I found that the nib had broken. On_________________________________________________________________ 209. It is ages since Helen visited her parents. Helen_______________________________________________________________ 210. Mrs. Taylor doesn’t like living in such a small house. Mrs. Taylor wishes_____________________________________________________ 211. My boss works better when he’s pressed for time. The less_____________________________________________________________ 212. Alternative medicine is a complete mystery to some people. Some people are______________________________________________________ 213. Le Corbusier was very influential in developing architectural styles. Le Corbusier had______________________________________________________ 214. Tim insisted on being told the complete story. Nothing but__________________________________________________________ 215. Jane’s husband will be returning from South America quite soon. It won’t_____________________________________________________________ 216. The council rarely allows appeals against its decisions. Hardly ______________________________________________________________ 217. My brother-in-law is the most exasperating I’ve met. I’ve yet_____________________________________________________________ 218. Immediately after his arrival things went wrong. No sooner___________________________________________________________ 219. I have called this meeting in order to present the latest sales figures. My purpose__________________________________________________________ 220. Skyscrapers in the USA are on average taller than anywhere else in the world. The average__________________________________________________________ 221. Did you ever have the idea that he would win the game? Did it ever___________________________________________________________ 222. Only a few people knew she was there. Only a handful________________________________________________________ 223. It is for his luck more than his ability that he has succeeded. He owes_____________________________________________________________ 224. I habituated myself to hard work. I made______________________________________________________________ 225. You can’t blame your failure for inexperience. You can’t put_________________________________________________________ 226. They don’t know much about music. Their knowledge______________________________________________________ 227. My slow progress was due to bad training. As a result___________________________________________________________ 228. The workers only called off the strike after a new pay offer. Only after____________________________________________________________ 229. House prices have risen dramatically this year. There has____________________________________________________________ 230. His second attempt on the world record was successful. He broke____________________________________________________________ 231. The house seemed to have been unoccupied for several months. It looked____________________________________________________________ 232. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot” the bank robber said to the clerk. The bank robber threatened_____________________________________________ 233. She wore a hearing-aid, even though she could hear the phone ring perfectly well. She wasn’t so________________________________________________________ 9 | P a g e 234. A house in that district will cost you at least £100,000. You won’t be able_____________________________________________________ 235. I’m certainly not going to give you any more money. I have no____________________________________________________________ 236. He himself admits to having wasted a lot of money. By his_______________________________________________________________ 237. You would feel much healthier if you had a relaxing break. It would_____________________________________________________________ 238. The firm didn’t go bankrupt because they took Gerry’s advice. Thanks______________________________________________________________ 239. His colleagues were shocked to hear of Ahmed’s illness. Ahmed’s_____________________________________________________________ 240. I had no idea it was a breach of protocol. I was_______________________________________________________________ 241. The tourists were most impressed with the castle. The castle___________________________________________________________ 242. There was a fault with the keyboard and the computer wouldn’t work. The computer________________________________________________________ 243. Nowadays we refer to barber’s shop as hairdresser’s. Nowadays barber’s____________________________________________________ ***THE END*** 10 | P a g e . the computer wouldn’t work. The computer________________________________________________________ 243. Nowadays we refer to barber’s shop as hairdresser’s. Nowadays barber’s____________________________________________________ ***THE

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